First official Hubitat C8 Review!

A great review by John Stone. Aka DIY Smart Home Guy aka @diySmartHomeGuy


It was. I watched it an hour or so ago then ordered 2 of them.

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It was nice to see such a coordinated rollout of a new hub, albeit the worst kept secret on the Community :wink:

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FCC always spills the beans :joy:


So good to see John back too. I hope he keeps doing reviews of products.


Apparently the staff and testers kept their mouths shut :joy:


After watching the video, I’m wondering if it would be possible to migrate the Zigbee radio devices from one hub and the Z-wave devices from another hub. My plan is to move my second hub’s Zigbee devices over because they would be the most time consuming to redo, but there are no z-wave devices on that hub.

It may be possible. I haven't experimented doing that myself. The c8 migration is smooth overall

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The migration is a replacement of the hub's databases so last one wins... Migrate your most complex, and then do a manual migration of the second.


I believe staff have said it’s an all-or-nothing thing from just one hub to a new one.


Perhaps not now, but it feels like something that may be a worthwhile addition, if not now.... If not for our current needs... one day... the migration from one hub to another may be a more common thing... including the combination of hubs into one....

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I only learned about the C-8 because someone posted a link to its Buy Now link on Facebook, which promptly got removed before I could click on it.

How do you aim the antennae to an on-the-edge target?
I'm assuming side by side, vs, longitudinal? Or, does it matter?
Is one zigbee and the other z-wave?

keep them straight verticle regardless of what position the hub is in

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As others have said not possible. I asked about this very scenario here:

This is what I plan to do:

I have a few Quibino relays and they are my least favorite devices and a huge pain in the behind to reset and get into pairing mode. So I will migrate my 80 Zwave devices to the C8 and manually repair my 100 Zigbee devices since zigbee resets are much simpler and my zigbee devices are more accessible than some of my zwave.


Apparently, we just need to keep him busy. :wink: Welcome back @diySmartHomeGuy. Great video!


Almost wished there was a trade in program like cellphones. Get a new HE C8 for $xx after $xx trade in value for C7.


Dammit! :rofl:
I just bought a C7 for my son's birthday in Feb to get him of that ST thing.
Past the 30 days and still unopened, hoping we can flip it before the news get out. :frowning:
You know I ordered the C-8 yesterday though; I'm hook and they know it! :slight_smile:

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Both antennas are dual band from what @mike.maxwell stated in the video last night. but is one connector Zigbee and the other ZWave, most likely since they are different chips but maybe they are combined on the circuit board? (don't know enough about this kind of stuff to speculate)

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yes.. Connector closest to the usb is Z-Wave .. The other is Zigbee


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