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New owner today (3/22/18)! Working great so far. Moved over about 14 devices from Smartthings. Still have about 100 to go. One room at a time. Also using the ’ Other Hub Event Pusher’ app so I can control them using Google Home and ActionTiles.

One question though, I can’t seem to start new threads or reply to most on here. I’m logged into the forums the same as I am for the hub, using my google account. Is there something that needs to be done so I become an owner on the forums? @bravenel thanks


Welcome, you are good to go, now. Please log out and back in, if you are still unable to reply to posts or create new topics.


Thank you!

After having an internet outage this morning, I can tell you that having local control is the best!


Just got set up as well with my brand new HE. Was very painless. Had it controlling my hue lights in about 30 seconds.

Thanks to everyone. I look forward to see where this goes…


Hi All, Just joined the forum. I haven’t bought the hub yet but I’m absorbing as much as I can from the forum. I’m hoping to get most all devices and automations transferred over in a weekend. After I purchase, I’ll probably start looking at Rule Machine and plan out how to rewrite all my WebCoRE pistons.

I don’t believe I have anything that’s incompatible except Google Assistant, but it looks like I can get that to talk to ST, and then to Hubitat. I do have a few ST_Anything devices going on, but it looks like @ogiewon is here already, so I’m not worried. :slight_smile:

In the event I have to hang onto the ST Hub for a few things, am I right in thinking I can have virtual switches in Hubitat that control ST devices?

Do ALL groovy device handlers work with Hubitat without modification?

You can try hooking up Google Assistant through IFTTT.

Porting over drivers does involve a few modifications to the code. We have a few differences but for the most part its pretty straight forward.

You can use the built in “Hub Link” integration app to bring the ST devices into Hubitat as well.

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Would it be better to exclude devices from ST first, then include them into Hubitat? (For devices I no longer plan to use with ST)

Migrating does take some planning and consideration.

Keep in mind you will need repeaters in both for end battery devices to stay working.

Depending on distance from hub or nearest router (z-wave or zigbee plugged in / self powered) I’d start with the repeaters first and then endpoints, room by room.

Okay. I’ve got about 90 devices. So the procedure should be to start with the wired devices. Exclude from ST, then include into HE. Then move onto battery devices. Automations last. I only have about 3 direct associations so I assume I’ll have to reassociate them. I don’t want to end up with messy ghost devices and other loose ends and such. Has anyone put together a step-by-step perchance?

Not anything specific. Each person’s migration is a bit different. Taking a repeater out of ST could mean end sensors in ST might stop working.

Room by room can be a good way to keep the repeater and end devices working.

Lots of discussion around different ways others have tackled migration in various threads.

Best of all, if you have questions, I’m sure others can chime in and help. We have a great user community going on here.

Welcome to your Elevated Home!

Ah I see what you mean. So theoretically I could run a Z-Wave Repair, followed by a Zigbee refresh (unplug+remove battery for 15mins) after ripping apart my mesh.

But yeah, this is why I want to get it all done in a weekend. :wink:

Z-Wave devices do need to be excluded to join a new z-wave mesh.

Enjoy the migration and full local control…

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I’m still using my Lutron Connected Bulb Remotes with Hue lights. They just work so well. I cannot program them like I can the Pico or other buttons via Hubitat, or the way I’m able to program the one ugly Hue remote I have. But they still play very nicely with the Hue bridge, so no reason to replace them. I never liked the Wink remote button implementation anyway. So very slow, and often unresponsive.

I still have my Wink Hub doing one thing though. I use it for my August lock status vis Alexa. I love that implementation, because I don’t have to use the “ask” or “tell” verbiage. I just ask Alexa if the door is locked, and I get a simple answer.

I'm in heaven. Everything's so snappy. Already have 17 devices moved over the first day. Approximately 90 to go.

So far it's hard to tell whether I've become a more seasoned smarthome user, or if it's just relatively easy going. I think the former. I wouldn't have attempted this a few years ago as a novice. The lack of a GUI prohibits almost everyone from diving in. This is definitely not ready for beginners. I do hope it will become more accessible, as that would draw in more people and ensure a long stable life for the company and its users.

Then again, we are technically being conditioned for independence here. The activity level of a smarthome user seems to plateau once everything gets hooked up. Ie: Once people get it all sorted out, they tend to get real quiet on the forums.

All in all, I'll probably keep Hubitat as my mainbrain for years. Hopefully we can get some tiles and sliders soon. :wink:


So far so good here with my new HE! All of my Lightify RGBW's, SengLED's, and even a few VERY generic Z-Wave bulbs have been moved from ST to HE without issue. Remove them from the ST App, hit discover in HE and there they are within 10 seconds. Very Cool! I also have a BUNCH of ESP8266's running ST_Anything for PIR and Doppler motion sensors that have been migrated with minimal Arduino code change effort necessary. (Thanks @ogiewon ) I still have a bunch of FirstAlert Z-Combo smoke detectors that are next in line to migrate. The only 'issue' I'm working on ironing out is tweaking a scheduling rule for my Arlo Camera motion detectors. I've been using IFTTT for years so that is a solid middle-man for now. That's my story and I'M STICKING TO IT! Haaaaa


Two weeks ago, I just dived (or dove) right in and did a 100% switch from ST to HE. It has been fun learning HE and I have a lot more to learn, but I am totally digging it and having a ball. I also switched all my dimmers to Lutron Caseta and added a bunch of Picos. I admit, until about two days ago, I logged in to the Webcore/ST Communities to see what was new. Lots of HE interest in their forums. I’ll still check in there but don’t have much interest in them anymore.

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Their forums are still a trove of excellent ideas and solutions. Most everything that isn't complaints can be applied to HE.


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