First day with Hubitat, need help

Hi, I just received Hubitat Hub C5 this evening. After download and install 2 Hue Bridge Intergration app ( for 2 Hue Bridge ) and Hubitat Dashboard. I create a tile for the first light , I can turn on, off this light on my PC, and android phone. When I try turn on this light with Hue app, light is on, but on my PC, Hubitat say current states this light is off ! Same on the Dashboards : this light is off !
Did I set up wrong or missing something ? Please help.

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First, the Hubitat Dashboard will only show you what Hubitat "knows," which is the same as what you see on the device's setup/edit page in the admin UI. So, the consistency there is to be expected--and the admin UI is a good place to check if you think something is wrong.

As for your actual problem, it sounds like updates made on the Hue network are not "syncing" to Hubitat. This is because the Hue API that Hubitat is using does not have a way to notify Hubitat of changes made directly in Hue. Hubitat has to poll. I think the default is 1 minute, but you can also set it to longer values or disable it entirely (which would certainly explain the problem if it never gets the new state, no matter how long you wait). You can also make it poll every 10 seconds, the next step down from 1 minute. To do this, go to the Hue Bridge Integration app in the admin UI and expand the "Options" section, then choose your desired frequency.

(As an alternative, you can manually or automatically, e.g., via a periodic rule, initiate a "Refresh" on the Bridge device or any Hue bulb device, and it will get the new information for all of them. The above is probably what you want, however, and is certainly easier.)

PS - Welcome to Hubitat! :smiley: You've already set up a Dashboard, so you seem to be off to a great start.


Welcome to the Hubitat Community.

Nothing wrong in your setup. The Hue app will turn on the lights, and Hubitat can immediately turn them off. The status you see in the Web Interface is updated with the polling settings in the Hue Integration Options. I believe it is set to 1 minute by default. You shouldn't use the 10 second polling. That's excessive network traffic and I think the 10 second polling rate is only there for the purpose of testing.

Don't worry about the display in the driver. This just seems to be how the Hue API works. I've noticed the visual status refresh is delayed on other hubs that integrate with Hue as well. The difference with Hubitat is the integration is local, so the back and forth control is fast, even if the refresh speed of the status in the driver details isn't.


Thanks @bertabcd1234 and @SmartHomePrimer. In Bridge pooling interval is 1 minute. The light stay on 10 minutes, but in the admin UI, current States the switch : off. My concern is when I'm not home ( at work ), how I know the front door light stay ON at noon when I check on my android phone, the HE dashboard say it off ?

If you have this

and if it still doesn't refresh when you look at the device details of the Hue light, then try a hub reboot.

Also, I'm wondering why you want to control the lights with the Hue app and the dashboard at the same time? Why not just use the Dashboard only, now that you have the Hue Integration setup. If you operate from the Hubitat Dashboard alone, not the Hue app, then the dashboard buttons should definitely stay in sync with the lights.

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I'd gladly use something like 15 or 30 seconds if they provided the option, but that's the only step down from 1 minute that they offer. My lights do occasionally get changed from Hue (Hue Tap or Dimmer--fast and reliabile--or via Alexa, where Hue has both a more functional integration and Hubitat disables Hue devices by default). Because many of my lighting automations capture the current bulb state, they do need to have correct information. The 1 minute interval was usually fine, but the 10 second interval is flawless. I do wish there was more middle ground.

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There must be a better way. Polling isn't even recommended.

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But it says that the "Recommended interval is 1 minute" right where you configure polling. :smiley:

In any case, yes, I suppose I could have the app itself do a refresh before it attempts to capture the states. Presumably, this would be less refreshing than a periodic poll, at least such a frequent one. but that doesn't help with other apps (and if every app does this, the "global" poll probably becomes more efficient at some point), and it requires the app developer or user to know the difference between Hue Bridge bulbs and directly-connected Zigbee or Z-Wave bulbs where stats update is likely instant (and where blindly refreshing will cause more traffic on these networks with less bandwidth). I hope transferring a bunch of JSON over my LAN a few times per minute isn't bogging anything down, but I'm certainly open to more efficient ideas.

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Not perfect, but since you run Homebridge, you could use that instead of the Hue app. Just create a rule and a virtual switch for each Hue Group. Expose the virtual switch to Homebridge. The rule will turn on the Hue Group from within HE when the accompanying virtual switch turns on, and the group will turn off when the virtual switch turns off. That will give you instant updates of the particular Hue Group in HE when controlling from HomeKit.

Where that doesn't work is dimming an individual light or group. You'll still need the Hue Integration polling to refresh that.

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I have Hue Smart Dimmer Switch for each Hue light group, my family member easy to turn on/off the light. Sometime we forgot turn off the light, the fan … when we leave the house, or some reason the lights outside ( front door, carport … ) suddenly light up during the day. I need correct information current bulb, switch, door contact sensor … especially when no one is home.
I turn on the light via HE dashboard, then I turn off this light with Hue Dimmer switch or a dumb switch, or via Echo, this light is off, but even when I set Bridge polling interval is 1 minute or 10s, on my HE Device List, my dashboards local/cloud shows the current status of this device is ON ! I wait 5 minutes, nothing change on the status !
I had many of lighting automations, check door, windows … open or closed, so I need to know the exact status of the devices. Please give me advice. Thanks.

My advice is what is in the post above. Control the groups directly and don't use the Hue app. If you control a Hue Group from you Echo that is published by HE, not the Hue Skill (remove that), then you will have everything in sync. If you control from the dashboard, it's going to have the updated status right away.

The problem you introduce with the Hue app is that the polling for the HE Hue Integration is either slow, or apparently broken in your case. If you're away from home, access your Dashboard via cloud and turn the lights off. Or even better, automate the process so your lights turn off when you leave by detecting you are no longer in a geofenced area.

Lots of people use Life360 for that. Some use the Alexa app, I use Apple HomeKit, and WiFi presence detection combined. You've got a system that can be fully automated. No point in only using it like a tv remote.