Firmware update V2.3.5.123: Rebooting in Progress

How long should a reboot take after a firmware update? For the previous 3 updates including v2.3.5.123, I have used two different PCs, Dell and Sony Vaio. When I first setup the Hubitat Elevation 7, updates were relatively quick, maybe 5 minutes or less.
Now, it is taking more than 60 minutes when the screen is saying "Rebooting in Progress"---and when my patience is exasperated, I close out the update Window, find the hub IP address to check whether the new version is there. Yes, it shows it in Hub details.
Any solutions or ideas?

You're saying you can access the hub UI and go to Settings> Hub Details, correct?

If so, the update is done and hub is up and running on the new version. Just close the other browser tab, it's just a stuck UI.


That is excessive and generally shouldn't take more than 10 minutes for the hub to be back online. With that being said, I tried to replicate the issue you're seeing, and I was unable to do so. This may be related to the browser you're using. Updating from to took 8 min in total from clicking update hub to the hub reloading the main page after update.

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Yes, thanks. Working correctly again.

Browser is Microsoft Edge, never liked it much, but Chrome can't be updated beyond where it is now without upgrading to Windows 11 which I can't do because the PC is no longer viable to update.

I view not updating to Windows 11 to be an advantage :grinning:


I doubt the PC, browser, or OS has anything to do with it.
It is a web UI, may not always refresh perfectly.

As soon as the update starts downloading, the hub will do its thing, you do not need to keep the browser open even (I often close it right away). If the UI seems to get stuck, just refresh the browser.

This is not any cause for concern.