Firmware update, now Zigbee network offline

So I've done the recent firmware update on my C7 and now the Zigbee network won't come back online.

Under the Zigbee settings it shows various ID numbers but theres a system notice that its offline and I'm unable to add a new Zigbee door sensor, nothing detected.

Pan ID: F3CC

Extended Pan ID: 6A4C4572E693F367

Anyone else come across this issue? Bug or hardware failure?

First off, welcome to the Hubitat community!

I have updated 3 hubs to that same firmware recently and have not seen this issue.

Question: When you go to the Zigbee Detail Screen (Where you got the PAN ID), do you see a drop down? Are you able to select “Enabled” and then click on “Update”?

Thanks, already tried that but no joy.
Tried disable/enable/update/restart - still reporting offline after 2hrs.

Okay, that would have been too easy... :slight_smile:

Have you tried shutting down the hub, pulling power (preferably from the plug, not the back of the device) for a good minute and then booting it up again? That has fixed some issues with the Z-Wave radio, but never know, it could help with Zigbee too...

If that doesn’t work, and in case the issue is with the hub’s database, you could perform a manual backup, download it and then restore it from the downloaded file.

I think thats made it worse actually lol.
Now there's no network ID numbers just 'null' shown.

I've contacted support so I'll wait and see what they say.

The Hubitat support team is very good, so I’m sure they’ll be able to figure it out. Tagging @bobbyD in case he needs some of the details on what you have already tried.

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Thanks Sebastien

Have you tried a reboot? That usually clears an issue with Zigbee not starting up as expected.

Many times this afternoon