Firmware update notes

It should be noted that once a firmware update has been executed there is no way to revert back device drivers. You can go back to previous firmware at port 8081 but device driver will not be reverted back to that firmware.

What makes you say that? Of course it is reverted to the rolled-back-to build.

Because i updated to 2.1.4 and it broke power meter on zigbee, instead of reporting 38w it said 389w and my rules turnoff all the switches.

i reverted back to 2.1.3 and the meter report the same 380w and all the rules kicked in and turned off all the switches. The switches are for fan and air filter, humid/dehumid for asthma so rules are used to automate them and to safely turn them off if they exceed certain power meter.

I reverted back again to the first 2.1.3 version and got the same thing.

It is now at 2.1.4 and for now i disable all the rules hoping for a fix soon. Alternatively, i can replace the iris v2 with iris v1 and still keep my rules.

Was there a fresh power report event to update the state?

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After you reverted back to 2.1.3, did you click CONFIGURE on each of your Iris v2 Outlets? I am guessing that a change was made to the Zigbee configuration commands sent to the outlets. This might at least restore the previous behavior while @mike.maxwell takes a look to see what happened.

I did not hit configure but i did hit refresh.

I did not have to do anything with firmware updates before so i was not clear on what to do, refresh was the most obvious choice at that time.

Oh, yes, the power meter change with on/off so it was updating

Look at the events for the device, and see if there was a power report. I don't think that refresh generates one.

Looks like Mike has a fix already in the works...

Thank you

And as a side note - that is why I always encourage people to NOT install a new release until the first few hot fixes come out (and there have been multiple hot fixes on every release as far back as I remember)....

Unless you are ok with rolling the dice and some things breaking, of course.

If you install an update on day 1 (from any vendor), no complaining if it breaks something. :smile:

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Yeah. I totally agree with this. I used to always dive in straight away and while I've never really been impacted with the odd glitch in a new build, I now hold back and let the 'young pups' find all the bugs. (And long may you continue to do so for us old timers. :smile: )

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I definitely APPRECIATE those with more time, or higher risk tolerance, being early adopters and finding the bugs so I don't have to.


It would be better for us, speaking from a purely selfish point of view, if everyone did update so we'd find all of the bugs sooner. As it is, with people holding back, it drags it out further.


I'm sure it would....

The counter is that it would be better for us if you had a bigger, more comprehensive beta program and fleshed it out before general release. :smile: Works both ways.

Ok, I'll quit being a smart arse. I've been very happy with the quality of the releases I've installed - so thank you guys for that!!!


As my old boss used to say, "the Pioneers get the arrows, the Settlers claim the land".


My update to 2.1.4 downloaded and started to install. And then stalled. Perhaps I didn't give it long enough but after waiting for some while, the installation continued to "apply installation" and never finished. Did I not wait long enough? Previous updates went smoothly.

Reboot your HE and try again