"Firmware update for null failed" repeating error message

I'm getting this error message repeatedly. Anyone know how I can figure out what's causing this?

I checked and I have no device that has a name including null. @mike.maxwell is this coming from zigbee FW update?

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Still happening this AM.

I made FW update requests for two Sengled Zigbee devices just to see if they would affect the appearance of this error message. I used two Sengled bulbs, and they resulted in log entries for those types of FW update requests. However, I noticed at that point that one of the devices isn't registering completely, based on the log entry for its FW update:

Bulb w/complete registration on Device page, Data section

Bulb w/incomplete registration on Device page, Data section:
2022-10-19 10_31_42-Chrome Main

I've reset and re-joined the second bulb multiple times and it always re-joins in the same way, w/the same missing data. Maybe just a bad bulb for some reason.

Making these Zigbee FW requests doesn't seem to kick off these warning messages immediately after. I do have a lot of them:

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Yes these are devices asking for a firmware update that wasnt requested. Im looking at stopping these.


Getting same. Is there a way to determine which device is requesting the update?

Still seeing these warnings in v2.3.3.140

Current hub FW release is so you're quite a bit behind. Consider taking a backup and then installing the current release. I no longer get any warnings of this type, haven't for a while, not sure which update resolved it but the problem is gone for me.

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C7 hub is up to date, still getting a lot of these.

Tagging @mike.maxwell ...

Running v2.3.4.153

Am seeing this error 2, Started after i removed a number of unused devices; cant figure it out