Firmware announcements - where are they? [SOLVED]

Feeling like I'm going to have to say "DOH!" very soon, but I've been looking in the forum for a place where HE announces FW updates and can't find it for the life of me.

Is there an area where announcements are posted w/info on what's fixed and known issues? Please be gentle if it's right in front of my face. I will accept a few "if it was a snake it would have bit you" and "plain as the nose on your face" comments with humility.

News and Updates

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Here you go: Release Notes - Hubitat

This link is helpful to me.

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In addition to what Eric says, you can subscribe to that particular forum, and receive notifications that there is an update.

In the upper right corner of this board, click on your username circle. Then click on your username on the left of that popup, then select preferences.

In that new window, click on Notifications and then Categories. Once there you can choose what notifications to receive, and from what categories.

I have "Announcements" and "Release Notes" selected in the Watched category.

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Thanks for the quick/helpful replies, all.

Will subscribe, thanks for the pointer to that, @neonturbo.

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