Fire10 help?

I hope this isn't too horribly off topic.

We have several fire tablets for dashboards. They are great cheap solutions. Issue is the extra crap on them. I also notice if I restart them about once a week they perform much better. I have read several things about being able root them and Fully Kiosk can then automate rebooting.

All the things I see about rooting are written with lots of assumptions about the person doing it. Anyone able to help?

I use the for all of my pads. I also use that website for good information about pads. I also use Fully Kiosk with great success.

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I had been using fire toolbox but it's been awhile and when I went to use it over the weekend it was not loading.

You can install Fully Kiosk Browser from a special Fire-specific download on their web site, no Google Play hacking required.....

Use the fire toolbox mentioned above and remove EVERYTHING you can off of it. Don't even put on the play store. Download FKB from their website (there is a specific fire tablet version) and install it that way.

I also did things like optimize my dashboard. I noticed speed differences when I didn't have things like a background image. I keep it a plain color. Speed was always more important to me.

These tablets are cheap but for a reason. They perform OK once you clean up all of the junk off of them. You shouldn't need to reboot them nightly. I was also told that the 10" version is much faster too.

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Just in case you haven't seen it, as long as you're running Android-based tablets, are you aware of the excellently wonderful Android dashboard app available here?

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in the version of toolbox that I have there is the option to do advanced removal. did you use that? possibly have a list of everything you removed if you did?

This is in the XDA thread linked above, but I thought I would mention it in case one hasn't been over there lately...

The latest Fire OS update breaks the Fire Toolbox, at least in some way. If you haven't already -and if you still can,- disable automatic updates via the Fire Toolbox. Unless they figure this out, the easy part of the 'cheap and easy dashboard tablet' has been reduced greatly.


It was a while since I did it but I removed pretty much everything I could that wasn't needed and disabled updates. The google play store is one of the worst to install as I noticed significant speed issues after installing it. Especially after a day or so. So don't install that. But you want to get these as thin as possible so you really don't need anything on there.

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There were some things in the "advanced" section that basically said it's not known what effect it has. I might trial an error with dumping absolutely everything and then adding back if I have issues.

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