Finish building rules quickly

I get that adding to the UI isn’t what’s desired just after a major overhaul, but I would love a way to quickly finish what I’m doing and get back to the confirmation window when building rules, rather than getting what I need set and having to scroll to the bottom > select done,scroll to the bottom > select done,scroll to the bottom > select done, to get back to the overview where I can verify my rule is setup the way I want before selecting done to complete the process.

A Build button somewhere that would skip the need to scroll to the bottom > select done so many times when building rule. Keeping on the theme of Rule Machine is like building blocks, calling such a button Build makes sense to me.

Feel free to round file my suggestion. A want, not a need.

Where are you thinking this goes, in the Action pages?

Similar wish. I've wished that Done was "always on top" so I could just click, click, click it.

Yes, one level beyond Actions for True or Actions for False, so once I have chosen what devices or actions I want for true or false, I can simply click "Build" if I want, and I will be taken to the rule overview for a visual confirmation of how my rule is built, before a final confirmation with Done

Thanks for your consideration.

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It may be doable, as the lower left button (Remove) is not present on those pages.


That would be a really nice addition. Thanks for looking into it.


Another nice to have would be the ability to copy an existing rule. Many of my room rules are fairly identical and it would be great to just copy/duplicate a rule. Maybe have it set to pause so no rules that are identical execute and cause confusion or interference. Thoughts?

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Major undertaking. Not soon.

I don't know exactly what takes place in hubitat- but whenever we've built web apps for ecommerce sites, duplicating products, categories or content pages - we just cloned the db record by creating a new recordid and duplicating the data (and related tables) with it. We always forced them to provide new titles and other data that needed to be different.

I can't imagine it would be much different (please don't take that as I know whats going on or unforeseen difficulties in doing something like this). Just that cloning seemed to be a fairly easy task.

I'll second that. It really would be a useful feature. I have many times felt that I'm duplicating rules etc with just a few changes. E.g. In my button controllers I use 8 button Remotec ZRC-90s in various rooms and 4 of the buttons use the exact same commands for the heating system. To be able to set those 4 buttons once and clone it as a basis for the others would have saved a lot of time, and potential for errors. Compared to the complexity of what has been achieved by the Hubitat team, I wouldn't have thought copying a rule or a button controller to a new name but with the same content would be that difficult. I admit though that I speak from a position of complete ignorance of how it all works anyway!