Fing network tool

Is there any support for or reasonable possibility for support for the Fing?

It's a device that tracks what's connected to WiFi, devices in range of WiFi, and signal strength for them. It can also blacklist and whitelist (or enable/disable) devices.

I'd like to use WiFi connections as a secondary presence indicator. That's the big one. It'd also be nice to be able to use signal strength of unknown/blacklisted devices as a trigger for video recording, when/if cameras are supported. And it'd be nice to automate disabling and enabling devices (I could come up with rules to help with the parental controls, based on whether the little rat-punk is in his room or not). But mostly WiFi connections as presence.


It would be nice but I don't think Fing even has official ifttt integration so that might be a long shot.

If you have the right kind of router [notably certain Asus models, but others too], you can do WiFi presence detection with them. Works like a charm.


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Does it work with iPhone, which turns it radio off in idle?


I had to make a slight adjustment to the code to allow for a 5 minute (max, with my wife's iPhone) timeout to occur before the virtual presence sensor is marked as away.

I have been using for almost since inception on ST (and now on HE) [2.5 yrs??] and during that time my wife's iPhone has only ever "erroneously" stayed away once within the 5 minute time frame.

Arrivals are (by their very nature) never an issue.


There's an app for that....on ST at least. Could be easily ported to HE. It's called Host-Pinger.

Will also need to be modified to account for the erratic iPhone behaviour when it disconnects / shuts down the WiFi. You can thank Crapple for that!! Unless the app has a configurable timeout value in it.


Yup, but you would have to do that with any solution that looked at your device connected to wifi.

Love my FingBox! I latched on to them back when they were on Kickstarter.

Happen to know if that's true for any mesh systems? That's pretty much my entire Black Friday hitlist.

To use the WiFi detection method referenced here, unless you can access a/the JFFS partition on your router to write code too & execute it, it is a non-starter.


I would also like to know If this is posibble. It allows for so many automations and will make me move over for sure

This thread is very old, so I would suggest you ask your question in a more active thread on a related topic.

There are now community-developed drivers that can do what you’re looking for, like this one:


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