Finding Rules that are In Use By other Rules

I have a number of Rules that are run from within other Rules.
I am upgrading/rewriting v5.0 rules to v5.1.
So before rewriting a Rule I want to determine which other Rules invoke it.

Something like the list of In Use By for Devices..

Has anyone got any ideas please?

I don't know if there is anything automatic that does it, but there is a Notes field in RM that you could fill in yourself after tracking down all the connections between rules, then maintain it from that point on.

To add to @Inge_Jones 's comment, while a little tedious, for now you can click on each device is in use by what rule and use a spread sheet to work

I wonder if this is something that is feasible to request?

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It is always feasible to request a feature. It may not always be feasible to implement the request :grin:


Well I don't like to suggest the infeasible (too often) :smiley:

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I know there have been plenty of times I have wished for this. Something like the way the devices show what rules are attached to it; it would be nice to know what rule is linked to another rule.

In my case I have many single run rules (i.e. bulb on, bulb off, bulb flash) without triggers and then other rules that do have the logic/triggers set in them that say run rule x. If a device or action gets broken in a subrule, it is sometimes difficult to go through all my other rules to find out what other rule is now broken.

I would add a +1 to a feature request containing this.

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So I am wandering how we request this feature?