Find Hubs

Greetings. My Hubitat C-5 hub is not visible when I search using "Find Hubs on your local network". It has been working relatively fine until I decided to upgrade to the latest version. It downloaded the version and was installing (I presume) but taking over three hours and nothing. I decided to unplug the hub and reboot which left me where I sit presently. Nothing.
Really need to hear suggestions from ya'll.

If the LED is green, I would recommend you try accessing it via http://hubitat.local.

If the LED is blue, it likely means that it is unable to start-up properly. You could however likely still access it by adding :8081 after its IP or using the following: http://Hubitat.local:8081.

If the :8081 link works, you will likely need to restore the latest backup to get it working again.

Otherwise, please report back so that we may continue to help.