Filter by capability?

Is there any way to filter the device list based on capability? It seems like I'm probably just missing how to do it. Sort of thinking in terms of to scoping for app inputs, as though the input type was capability.<some-specific-capability> or in the main "Devices" page, based on a similar string.

This would be very handy for (for instance) quick-selecting devices to make available on a battery dashboard, by filtering to capability.battery.

Do you mean something like the following? I took this from one of my Apps as an example. Only devices with the Switch capability will be presented to the user for selection.

            input "overrideSwitch", "capability.switch", multiple: false, required: false

I do, but I mean not inside the app code, but by providing a type-able filter to the user as part of the default chooser UI.

I don't think it's possible but you can at least put them into some form of order by choosing your device names carefully. There have been requests for grouping/filtering/sorting by attributes, rooms etc. Nothing delivered yet on this as far as I know. Some of us use icons in the names to help differentiate our devices/apps.


You can also search for names of devices, device types, or device nickname, with the search box at the top of the device tab page.

Bingo! Good ideas!