Filling mobiles memory [It was Samsung Bixby]

I got an Samsung S9 and installed the android app about 9 days ago, I have not made any other changes to my phone that I know of. (Except regulare updates and so on.
Now my internal memory is full, I got notification about it, deletetd a bunch of things and have deleted files two more times since the memory is filling up fast again. About 1 Gb a day.
Maybe this is not the Hubitat app doing this but the problem started around the time I installled it.
Hav you had any similar issues?

From the hubitat app? Uhm....I don't think so. I would uninstall and reinstall the app. I have the exact same phone and my hubitat app is only 28 mb. You do mean the Hubitat app right?

Yes, from the Hubitat app, the issue started after I installed it. But as I wrote above, it can be a coincidence...

Very easy to check.
Settings - Apps - Hubitat app - Storage.
It will tell you how much storage is being used by the app.

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I can't imagine what the Hubitat app is doing with a gig of data a day. Mine only has 22 mb total after a month. I would contact support at


I found the problem, it was a Samsung Bixby service that made the issue and nothing to do with Hubitat, it must have been a coincidence.

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