Fibaro smart implant

Fibaro implant - control of outputs.

I’m using a driver created by Christi999. I want to replicate pressing a 3 way momentary switch up or down and for up to 8 seconds only max. Its to operate venetian window blinds that are inside double glazed patio doors.

The smart implant output 1 = lift or tilt open
Output 2 = lower or tilt closed

Is there a way of programming the output contacts to be non latching? Ie close for as long as a virtual button is pressed & open when released.

So long press to output 1 opens the blinds . Short momentary presses tilt the blinds.

These blinds always tilt closed prior to raising or lowering to prevent catching on the glass.

I have tried using auto off which works for the long press but am struggling with the short presses.

Basically i’m trying to get the seitch to work like a dimmer but for blinds if that makes sense.