Fibaro Smart Implant alarm system intruder alert to Hubitat

Hi All,

Sorry a few questions, happy to read / try ideas if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Apologies if this has already been covered, I am a newbie got a few things in motion to move my smart, but traditional alarm to trigger Hubitat actions with rule machine.

The alarm system triggers a NO contact on the Fibaro smart implant, (I am using the inbuilt driver) and I can see the status of the input change from open to closed and vice versa as I change the status of the dry contact.

Rule Machine responses:

Contact closed - trigger a notification to say intruder alarm, flash a number of lights, set hue lights red. Works if I run from within rule machine.

Q1. Is there any change Hubitat app can override Apple notifications when devices are set to silent on high important events?

Contact open - stop flashing lights and turn off hue red. Work if run from rule machine.

Would like to develop the rule to leave some lights on if it is dark outside, but turn them all off if its light. I have a Hue PIR on order and am hoping this might work, but I also have a LUX sensor on the alarm system that I have used for years to trigger Z-Wave lights, so maybe this could be another job for the smart implant.

Main Problem

Even though I can see the status change on the device in Hubitat inline with the expectations I can only get one or the other rules too trigger as the status changes. My thinking open contact is one trigger closed contact is a second trigger

Why is this?
Do I need to use the second input to on the fibaro implant to trigger the second event? seems wasteful.

Only other thing is I am trying to develop a dashboard and expected the status to change as above, but the contact status doesn't change on the dashboard inline with the device status... I have chosen implant input 1, contact sensor and a alarm icon,

Many Thanks


Hi Admin,

I have not touched this for a week, but just sat down to try again and it works. Think this could be shut down if you like.