Fibaro roller shutter 3

I have just received the Hubitat after a long wait
And I have installed two fibaro roller shutter 3 in the shutters
Installing device driver for fibaro from two different sources
Tried with or without virtual device
Factory reset the fibaro
Resetting hubitat z wave
Placing the hubitat ~1 meter from the device

Discover show no results
I donโ€™t have other z wave devices to try

Nothing works :frowning:
Any thoughts on what to do next?

The driver is probably not the issue as the device was not yet discovered.
Try connecting the device to N and L wires only, as close as possible to the hub. Press the B button 3 times on the device very quick after you put the hub in pairing mode. Try a couple of times and it should work

Thanks, tried that, does not work still noting shown in discovered devices.

This might be a stupid question, but still, are you sure your hub and the device are using the same Z-wave frequency?

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What do you mean? where do i set the frequency? you mean by region?

Anyway, i was finally managed to connect one of the fibaro to the hub, but the other fails to connect.
Thank you for your help