Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5

Please I need help How to show all the fixtures of the Fibaro motion sensor
I received today a new Hubitat, I Paired the Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5,
The only device in the device list is the Motion Sensor, it does not show me:
It was installed in another branch and the device list show me all the fixture that belong to the fibaro motion sensor ZW5


What does it show in the actual device edit page? What attributes are displayed? What driver is the device using? This device has a custom built-in driver so everything should be displayed correctly if you go into the device itself. Only one device will display on the device list because every device only gets one entry on that list. But in the device edit page all of the different attributes that the device supports will be displayed.

When I clicked the device ( Fibaro ZW5) I Can see all the value,

Current States

  • acceleration : inactive
  • battery : 85
  • illuminance : 108
  • motion : active
  • pendingChanges : 0
  • tamper : clear
  • temperature : 85.7
  • threeAxis : [x:9,y:0,z:2]

There you go. Everything is there.

In the Window just show me Fibaro Motio Sensor ZW5)

In the windows show me these:
When I go to create a rule in Motion lighting or rule machine, I do no see Temperature, Lux, Battery level, etc.

Are you sure you're using Rule Machine correctly? Because I'm pretty sure that it will be there. I would go through the rule Machine tutorial again.

Everything looks correct to me. You will only have one listing in the Device List for the device because it is only ONE DEVICE. This device has multiple attributes but it is still only one device.

In Homeseer or Vera,
show me all the Fibaro SW5 separate.
for example:
temperature like a device.
Motion sensor like another device.
Battery like another device.
Motion sensor like another device.

In Hubitat if I want to compare the temperature or Lux , How I can get those value?


I would watch some of the videos here:

This will walk you through how to set up hubitat. If you are trying to set up Rules in Rule Machine, there is documentation here:

That will walk you through setting up rules. But I'm not going to walk you through all the steps. There's a lot of documentation available.

I installed two devices in the new Hubitat.
A Fibaro Motion Sensor and a Sengled Color LED bulb.
When i go to Rule machine,
I named the Rule.
Trigger Events is gray out, does not have any devices in the list.


I would recommend you go through the tutorials. Or try clicking on it. :slight_smile: Grey means that there is nothing defined there yet. Not that it's unselectable. If there's a button displayed, you can click on it.

I have several Hubitat Installed.
and I was able to install, thermostat, Fibaro sensor and, Dimmer switch and all of then was working property.
in my all one I had installed the Hue Bridged and lighting.
when I did the updates, I was not able to see the Hue bridged anymore.


In Motion Lighting
Does not show me the Sengled Bulb
(light to turn on) is gray out).

Click on it.

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For some reason my desktop and the laptop are blocking the Habitat
I changed to another computer where I never I have used the habitat and allow me
to use Simple lighting, Motion lighting and Rule machine.