Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5

Any suggestions for optimal performance? I like the product but motion sense and clear are not shaking hands well; i.e, with the default clear set at 30 seconds it can take a VERY long time to get accurate data - hence motion active clear can be as long as the next refresh to sync. Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5. Suggestions appreciated. jj

What firmware version are yours, are they definitely the Z Wave plus models? ( you can find this in the device page in the Device Details > Data panel at the bottom as shown below:

I have 4 in use for motion lighting without any issue with them. I set mine up manually with the Basic Z Wave Driver tool, so the values shown on the device page won't reflect the settings I have programmed into them. I can let you know what mine are set to for any parameter number but not by its name in the preferences panel (I always wonder why the devs only put a description in the preference boxes without preceding it with the parameter number so that it tallies with the manual...)

its a defective device - i replaced it with the same thing 5 days ago and the new one works great, as does my other one. thanks for the reply jj

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