Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 very quick battery drain

I installed a Fibaro FGMS-001 ZW5 v3.3 motion sensor on my Hubitat system at the beginning of this month (February 2021). I noticed that the battery level was quickly decreasing. I tried to investigate on-line and found posts where people were claiming the Hubitat device driver for it wasn't accurately reporting battery levels, so I didn't pay close attention after that.

I had installed the sensor to report motion and light levels and to automate the turning on of hallway lights when it was dark and it detected motion.

Yesterday I noticed that the Fibaro motion sensor was no longer reporting motion and Hubitat was reading the battery level as 1%. Remember this sensor was installed new only about 3 weeks earlier.

I replaced the battery and the sensor started working again. Then today, less than 24 hours after putting in a new battery, the battery level was down to just 92%.

I tried to call Fibaro customer support and got a recording to send them an email through their web site. I haven't heard back yet.

Did I just get a defective sensor and should I return it to Amazon?

I have 3 Zooz 4-in-1 sensors that are working fine and after 6 months of use, they are still reporting 90% battery. I would get more of them except they really don't report light levels quickly enough and accurately enough to be used for my purpose stated above. The Fibaro seems to report light levels very quickly and worked well for my purpose, except for the battery drain. I can't afford to replace a CR123A battery every 3 weeks to keep the Fibaro. Does anyone know of another sensor that works well and reports light levels quickly?

I have 4 of the ZW5 motion sensors, the older version, and battery life has been excellent. No where near what you are seeing. I suppose you could kill battery life by messing with the driver settings, but if you haven't changed any settings I'd think seriously about returning it to Amazon. Maybe an exchange for another one?

I have 2 of the same.

One is placed where we there are frequent movements a passage where we constantly pass.
The other one in the basement where we pass only occasionally 2 - 5 time per week.
The first one gets drained in 2 -4 month but the second one in the basement lasts for one year or even longer.
In my case it seems to be the motion sensor activity that drains the battery.

I am definitely looking for an alternative replacement.

I ended up returning the Fibaro sensors to Amazon, where I bought them. I have replaced them with Aeotec Trisensor units. After a month and half of use, the Aeotec sensors are still showing 99% battery left.

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