Fibaro Motion Sensor (FGMS-001 ZW5 v3.3) problems

Help! I purchased a Fibaro Motion Sensor and cannot get it to report anything.

I included it with no problems and the device did not initially pick up the correct driver. It configured as a “device”. I changed it to use the built in “Fibaro Motion Sensor ZS5” driver. I hit the configure button on the device driver setup page and it doesn’t seem to report back much of anything. I rebooted hub, still nothing. I excluded and reincluded and started over 3 different times and still nothing. The device shows up fine on the ZWave mesh. Refresh doesn’t do anything. See attachments for more info.

Any suggestions? Anybody else have one of these?

I have one of these and it gave me grief on my C7, so I moved back to my C5 and it has been working great since.

I can’t recall what the issue was unfortunately… I think it paired at S0 for one…

Are you on a C7?

I have one working on a C7 with no security.

Your device page says you have 21 pending changes. In your logs it says you can force a wake up by opening up the device and pressing the connect button. I remember having to do this to get mine to respond.

Also, I see that you have the temperature and light reporting intervals set to no reports by default. Is this what you want? Not sure what the best setting is.... I use mine for motion only.

Yes I am on a C7

I tried that but it didn’t seem to do anything.

At this point I took the defaults except for Motion reset. If I can get Motion working I’ll be happy

@Sakman and @Sebastien I'm curious what driver you use on your sensor?

Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5

Same as @Sakman - the stock driver.

@Sakman @Sebastien Thanks


@automation was this ever fixed? I'm having exactly the same issue.

I have 4 of these running without issue using the Hubitat driver. After making any changes, click the configure button in the preference panel then immediately press the button inside the detector to wake it up and any pending changes will be sent to the device.

Yes, It just started working about a week later. Unfortunately I don't know what caused it to start responding so I can't give you any troubleshooting advice.