Fibaro motion sensor deprecated

After updating to my fibaro motion sensors are showing deprecated and no longer work. I no longer see a driver for my device either. I see one for ZW5 but that one doesn't trigger motion.

Anyone else having these issues?

Zw5 replaces the old fibaro, you may need to wake it up after setting the various options. I've been using the new driver with all of mine and it's been fine.

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Hi @mike.maxwell

Which Application version are your devices which are working? I've noticed the default driver isn't working for the older firmware of this device - see my post here: Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5

Summary is that my 3.2 version sensors are working fine with the default driver but not the version 2.6 sensors which ironically are my most recent purchase off Amazon. Any suggestions on drivers which may work with this older version?