Fibaro keyfob presence

Just purchased a Fibaro Keyfob to replace my IRIS Keyfob V2 that broke. I paired it but noticed that presence isn't available which is my main purpose for having it. I understand you can use phone but I like having a keyfob not having to install an app. Is this feature something that won't be available? Also if not what other options or keyfobs that work best for presence? Thanks.

Samsung presence sensors ...


I had terrible results with the Samsung. It couldn’t reliably figure out home or away to the point I didn’t even trust it in my multi-presence setup

But your mileage may vary for the better

Thanks I found this
Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor - ZigBee - White - This will work for presense correct?
I have seen from other post that ZigBee doesn't work as well as Zwave, Any feedback on the differences? Thanks.

Thanks for your feeback. It's hard to know how it will work until you buy it I find.

I have the opposite experience to @morningz. I use these in my car for presence, and they work really well. I have them connected to an external battery pack.

Presence is detected within a fraction of a second of my turning on the battery pack (done during testing). And it is marked as not present within 2 minutes of being out of range.

Aaiyar can you explain more about this external battery pack? Do you have to use an external battery pack? Why do you use the external battery pack? Thanks.

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To use rechargeable batteries. Also, I think the battery life is much longer .....

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The user ported driver for this device exposes presence.


@crsmith15 I also use Samsung Presence Sensor as well. For me they work great. You MUST have a good Zigbee network, or the device will not work well. I recommend getting a Zigbee outlet repeater, and plugin it in your garage (or as close to your parking spot as possible). This should help boost your signal so that the "present" signal gets relayed ASAP.

After adding this to our setup my garage door now opens before my wife gets up the driveway instead of after she is in the house already (which it did before the repeater). I have now started replacing all my receptacles with Zigbee or z-wave, to strengthen the underlining meshes of each protocol.

Batteries - yeah that's another story altogether. ST Presence like to eat 2032 wafers like they are Necco candies!! I'm also (someday) going to make the project box, or invest more in Energizer stock!


Love my iris keyfob, just bought another on ebay. The whole security kit for 15+15shipping.
Keyfob, contact, motion plus a useless iris hub all included in the monitoring kit

What is the user ported driver? I have never heard of this?

It is device driver code created by community users. The code must be manually installed in hubitat.

I would be interested in trying. I'm still learning the system so if you can either provide specific directions on give me a reference would be helpful. Thanks again look forward to hearing back from you...