Fibaro FGS-223 Three Way Installation

Hello All, hopefully someone has been successful in making a Fibaro Double Switch Work out in a three way scenario.

I'm currently using @ericm drivers for Several Fibaro Double switches (FGS-223) and all of them are working as a charm.

I do however, have a problem with one in specific, I have setup in a stair a top and bottom switches, these are configured in "three-way" which basically has the switch with three poles instead of one.

I basically adapted the installation to the way it was, as I'm "retrofitting" with it, and so far my switch is capable of:

  1. On the top switch, when I physically turn it on and off, Hubitat records the state change and the light goes on.

  2. In my hubitat dashboard, I can Turn it On and Off and the light goes on.

  3. However, this is the problematic use case, if I manually turn on the bottom switch, the light will go on (no clicking sound from the relay), the light will go on, but habitat will not register the change of state. Also, if I leave it on with the bottom switch, I'm not able to control it /power off with Hubitat.

Anyone able to control a Fibaro double with two physical switches? can you guys share some pointers?


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