Fgr-223 roller shutter HomeKit integration

I choose the custom driver to drive my roller shutter and it seems to work ok.
But in HomeKit it is recognized like a contact sensor and I can’t move up or down .
Anybody have this issue?

What driver are you using?
You should be able to change the device set up in the Hubitat Himekit app to 'Window Shade'

Yes just a few minutes after posting this I saw that you can change this in HomeKit integration app.
But I have another question about calibration process.
If I understood correctly you have to get the basic zwave driver tool to set parameter 150 to the value 2 to start auto calibration am I right?
But before doing auto calibration do I have to do set the end travel on my motor?

I am using fibaro fgr-223 custom driver

I do not know which motor are you using, but in general if it works properly when controlled from the switch then you do not need to do nothing else but set parameter 150 to 2.

I did the calibration process successfully, but with the custom driver fgr-223 HomeKit is unable to recognize if it’s close or open , so I switch to the generic zwave shade driver and now it is working properly in HomeKit .

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I do not remember I have ever tried this driver.
What functionality (if at all) are you missing when using this driver as opposed to the custom driver?

With the custom driver the contact sensor always says it is closed , so when it is open for real I am unable to close the window shade .But with generic zwave driver it works properly

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