FGBS-222 Driver on negative temp

Wondering if this is something I can deal with or does the driver not like (foprmat) negative temps?
It's my pool so probably not going in today :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Negative values work fine however I get the same result as you (0E+1 = 0.0) when the value is zero. The value displayed is correct although not in a nice display format. Try adding .toFloat() on lines 427 and 469:

		target?.sendEvent(name: "temperature", value: finalVal.toFloat(), unit: units, descriptionText:"${target} temperature is ${finalVal}${units}" )

The event log will still show the wrong format so Instead of the change I mentionned before, , change lines 426 and 468 to:

		finalVal = (Math.round(finalVal* 10.0)/10.0).toFloat()

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