Feit Products (Dimmers \ Outlets \ Bulbs from Costco) compatibility w/ Hubitat

Searching around, these don't look to be supported by Hubitat, but they are such a great deal, I just want to buy a bunch of them. Same with the Feit outdoor wifi outlets, etc.

Is this just a case of Feit not releasing the API, or something else?

Are these wifi devices? They are most likely unable to be controlled from Hubitat directly and locally. That is why no one has taken the time to investigate/develop any type of integration with the hub. Hubitat's primary means of connecting devices is through the internal Z-wave and Zigbee radios. There are local integrations (that is to say, they do not rely on the cloud) for the Hue bridge and Lutron Caseta Pro Bridge as well that are popular. But any type of Wifi device that requires a cloud connection would be again Hubitat mission of local control of your devices. It might be possible to integrate these devices with Hubitat. But in general, there's a reason these wifi devices are so cheap. They don't really work well with anything.

I had WIZ and SmartLife Wifi bulbs. It was just simpler to jettison them and use ZigBee bulbs in their place. Much more control with Hubitat. The beauty was that I had purchased the WIZ bulbs at Costco a year ago and simply boxed them up and got my money back! I rarely take advantage of their generous return policy, but it was approx. $100 back. Plus I did find at times that they would randomly turn on on their own. Most people are going with Sengled for ZigBee bulbs. I have a mixture of Sengled, Ecolink (the $4.88 Home Depot special), and Lightify (bulbs and RGBW strips) … all work great. I did have GE Link bulbs, but those were problematic and I have since retired 4 of them (I'd be happy to sell them to anyone local to Orange County, CA! :slight_smile:)

For dimmers and lamp modules, I have Lutron Caseta … they are much more expensive (about $50 each) and require purchase of a Lutron Pro hub to integrate with Hubitat, but they are bullet proof and high quality. As an added bonus, you can automate anything with a button push of a Pico remote (even non-Lutron devices!)

You returned a product you used for a year for a full refund?!? Wow....I wouldn't admit to that. That's basically stealing.

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@Ryan780 … I also stated that the bulbs were randomly turning on. WIZ customer service had no idea what was going on, so in my opinion they were defective. Otherwise, I would have considered keeping them.

I bought a few of the Feit dimmers from Costco and converted them to Tasmota using tuya-convert. I haven't tried any of the others that you mentioned.

After that, I loaded up a version of @mhutchy 's Sonoff basic driver that I modified to add the dimmer functionality.

So far, so good. And it's all local operation on my home network. No cloud integration required.

If you make the leap to Tasmota, you could try this set of firmware and drivers from @markus. I haven't used those so can't vouch for them yet, but other people in that thread seem to be all good.

Of course, all of these require applying unsupported firmware that can't be rolled back, so use at your own risk. But they were cheap enough and I enjoy the tinkering.


@tomw - thank you for the post, I was successful in getting my inexpensive Costco dimmer converted and now working in Hubitat with the Sonoff Basic driver. You mentioned that you had added the dimming functionality, would it be possible to share that driver?

thank you!

Have you had any problems with the switches after flashing?

I've flashed mine, set it up with a configuration using TuyaMCU (54), but can't get them to work at all b/c it's not getting a heartbeat (by looking at weblog 4 in console).

Others seem to be having the same issue and was curious if you did anything to get them to work.

@vikasrij - I had the same problem, but found that after I got all the settings correct, I needed to power cycle the dimmer, after doing that, they have worked flawlessly (I have 4 of them). Below are my notes, some of them are menu selections, others are commands you send on it's command line. Good luck!

Module Type 54
reset 5
TuyaMCU 21,2
TuyaMCU 11,1
DimmerRange 10,1000
rx_pin: GPIO3
tx_pin: GPIO1

Well, that worked!

All those parameters are familiar to me, but I guess the order in how you do it is important.

To clarify, these are the steps I did:

Console: reset 5
WebGUi: Configure->Configure Module->Module Type=Tuya MCU (54)
Console: TuyaMCU 21,2
Console: TuyaMCU 11,1
Console: DimmerRange 10,1000
WebGUI: Configure->Configure Other->Friendly Name set
Power Cycle

Thanks a bunch, I did 3 back to back and are all up and running.

Glad to hear it worked for you.

I just got today 2 pack of a 2 unit outdoor switch https://www.costco.com/feit-electric-wi-fi-smart-outdoor-plug%2C-2-pack.product.100515906.html it was on sale on my costco 7.99 I dont know if this nacional wide sale or not. I flash tasmota with tuya-convert, then by @markus tasmota on hubitat [RELEASE] Tasmota for HE - Auto-detecting Tasmota drivers + Tasmota firmware 7.x/8.x for HE (for use with Tuya, Sonoff and other ESP devices).
and is working excellent
module configuration:
D2 GPIO4 = Led 1 (52)
D1 GPIO5 = Led 2i (57)
D6 GPIO12 = Relay1 (21)
D7 GPIO13 = Button1 (17)

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Disregard, I figured it out.

As a warning to other users, it seems that since November 2020, the Feit Electric outdoor plugs are no longer ESP-based and are thus not compatible with Tuya-Convert any more. I guess I just wasted some money since I didn't keep the package. I had some older ones that I bought a couple years ago and have been working great with Tasmota via Tuya-Convert so I just assumed that the (apparently) same model would still work.

Fair warning
I got 2 dimmer and 3 plugs I was unable to flash none of them with via tuya convert but I open the dimmers and take the esp off flash it with tasmota and put back in, rework heat gun need it if you don’t have one don even try. one of them I broke with the solder because I could not find the heat gun and I end up putting an bare esp8266 in the place) the plug’s have something else in there non esp I also did not keep the package so now I’m trying to figure how to put an esp in the same space no easy task not to much space there. definitively did not worth all the effort I put into it. the only reason I did is because now I can’t return them.

The outdoor plugs I got from Costco were not ESP chips, which is why it won't work with Tuya-Convert / Tasmota. The chip number is BK7231TQN32 from Beken. It appears to be similar to an ESP but it is different so who knows what would need to be done to try to convert Tasmota to that platform.

I also considered just putting a D1MiniPro in the enclosure and just running some wires to the appropriate pins (relay, LEDs, button), just haven't gotten around to it yet.

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That's not stealing. The big box stores include the return cost in their pricing and have a liberal return policy so that consumers will impulse buy without fear of being stuck with unneeded, junky or defective products.

Tl;dr please don't shamr people for using return policies as intended.

Philips WIZ lights can be controlled over LAN. I adore mine (I have about 15 now!) for the present scenes (which can be set using Color Temperature). Not sure how Zigbee bulbs compare, but if they don't have similar ambient scenes like the WIZ ones, I would consider that a pretty big downgrade.

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