Feedback from a new Customer - Rule Machine Needs a Better UI

no but it is on my to-do list.

Cheers, I'll take a look.

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It may not be what you are looking for but numerous people on here use it and it does work well. As does RM I should add but I suppose it's just personal choice.
There is a webCoRE forum as well which answers a lot of peoples questions.

Is WebCoRE cloud dependent in execution?

Btw, for those wondering, Im not a complete numpty and I can use RM (see below), I just think it needs a simpler and more logical approach.

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Ok, maybe I am dumb (However, I searched the forum a bunch while trying to figure this out), but there is no way I can find in RM to measure the duration of a state and trigger on a defined duration being met. You can only have a delayed action. :man_facepalming:

eg I wanted to setup a rule that when the house changed to Night mode (aka bedtime), if the garage door had been open for 15 mins+, close it. Unless Im missing something obvious, the only option in RM is to simply wait 15 mins from the trigger before running the action! :man_facepalming:

Well as a Old Vera user and now HE i can Agree. RuleMachine is very confusing and not user friendly. For exemple way use <> >= signs and so on why not just greater then or lower then or equal.

The Vera app Reactor is a killer .. so Easy for a newbie and so powerful.

I do understand that the HE dev team might start doing the plattform more user frindly when is solid and work good.

I must also look at. Webcore!
/ Mattias

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In that case I'll pass, Local automation is a key feature for me.

Aha saw that with webcore now, pass to!

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@furom @mailtomatte @dJOS and others.
No. No. No. It is not cloud dependent.
The pistons are stored and run locally on your hub. Defining/editing/deleting is done on the webCoRE server or you can, as I and others have done, use an RPi or the like to do this.


I thought the same, as weCore is webbased, on most platforms. For HE you can run WC on the hub. I don't use it I opted for NR, but I do agree with some of what is here (which is why I went to NR). I to wish RM could be streamlined, and someday it may be. Maybe even add NR local support :thinking:

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Well you could get rid of the if statements completely. It will only run the action if it changes to night mode and you don't need the if open. If it's closed after 15 mins it just won't do anything, otherwise it will close it.

If you want to base the close on how long the door has been open. You could setup up a global Boolean. In a separate rule have it set the the variable true when the door opens and then set it false after 15 mins. Then if the door is open and the boolean is false close the door immediately. Have another rule that if global changes to false and mode is night close. the door. Rules are free.

I am sure the are other ways to do this as well,

Couldn’t agree more with the op.
As a casual user who doesn’t want to mess with the system much I find working with RM extremely painful. What blows me away is the displayed output is so simple and basic. What I would give for a text editor and a compiler!
Even something as basic as the Arduino IDE would be welcome.


Ah fair enough. I really don’t want to Be relying on an external “rule Machine “ as my C7 is now my home security system (HSM is a great feature)

I think the confusion starts when all the defining/editing/deleting is done on the webCoRE server by default.
People then assume the pistons have to run on the cloud.
I was an early adopter of webCoRE on ST and did a lot of testing with Adrian, who's baby this is, and really got into it.
Being an old git I just find it easier to use than RM.
I still have some RM rules which are easier to do than on WC.
Ironically without Bruce and RM, there probably wouldn't be WC.
Bruce introduced RM on ST because the apps at that time were very basic to say the least, only to find ST implying, I think, that it was causing issues with peoples hubs on ST. Personally, it worked for me with no issues.
Bruce decided to leave ST and this left a hole and CoRE then webCoRE came along to replace it.
Another great thing is if you look at my piston in post 10 above, you will see a code.
You can use this to import this piston and then define your own devices and tweak as you see fit.
There was a lot of sharing of pistons in the early days.


Is the scope of a global variable hub-wide, or just within the RM system?

webCore on ST runs in the cloud, but on HE it runs local. Default is to use the cloud for editing rules, but you can set up a local device (many people use an RPi).

Edit: See that others have responded in kind, and you have already taken note. Cheers.

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This is a 100% subjective observation as me a 41 year old D- high school graduate left Vera solely because creating the automations (first with PLEG then with Reactor) was extremely too complicated.

It's very disingenuous for you (after only 2 weeks) to claim it's too complicated when what you are using to compare it to you've probably spent a year or more learning it.

Here is my "Thermostat Rule" which took me less than 5 minutes to create. Just one single page that fits into one single screenshot.


I’m not sure there is a distinction, but the globals are for use with RM.

You can, however, create a connector and use the global outside of HE. I actually use a change to RM global variable to trigger a webcore piston.

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I haven't tried it, but there is anther Node-esq project for HE being built and usable now that allows you to use Typescript or JS to build rules with HE:

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