Feedback: Best Online Support Community Ever

I joined the Hubitat family back in Early 2020, just prior to the pandemic. Burned by SmartThings for the last time I wanted something more stable, something local. There were some stumbling blocks along the way but always found ways to just make it work.

The community out here for questions and support is by far the best I have ever experienced anywhere for anything in my life. Rarely did I have a question/issue go unnoticed or unanswered. It seemed random users would jump in with experiences they had to help the conversation and the rate that developers jumped on bugs was just unbelievable to me.

About a month ago, it became apparent that I needed a new smart home hub. It seemed the one I purchased 3 years ago just wasn't keeping up with what I was asking it to do and reboots were often necessary due to memory decrease. I almost pulled the trigger on a new Hubitat hub but wondered what it would be like to build one with a ton of memory and with specs that I thought would be, essentially, "future-proof" me means for as long as I am alive at least....LOL!

Even though my Hubitat is now decommissioned I wanted to throw one last note out here for the community that I feel is second-to-none. Users should be very, very thankful for what they have here.


I've had a similar experience, albeit the HE Community being the first one I actively participated in. (I'm still using mine :wink: )

We'll still be here when you come back... :wink: and in between if you need any expert advice :grin:


Thanks for the kind words. One thing I'd like to mention based on my own experience working with thousands of Hubitat Elevation users. If you had a C-4, you should try the newer hubs to see the difference. If you have a newer hub that required frequent reboots, throwing more resources is not quite "future proofing," but rather putting a band-aid on something that isn't working properly or efficiently. Eventually, no matter how much you increase the memory or bump up the resources, something that isn't running efficiently will continue to drag your experience down, in the long run. Good luck in your new adventure and thanks for your feedback!


Agree...I have difficulty thinking of any forum where you can find as much help and good humor. :slight_smile:


Yes, exactly this! I did have a C-4 and that was the decision I needed to make; new Hubitat or different direction. I'm not going to mention the direction I took, I don't think that's fair or right to do here since I am singing the praise of this community and, honestly, even the device. I can tell you straight I kept the Hubitat far longer than I did Smart Things and it did just work how I wanted it to for longer than anything else I had.

Really, I like to tinker a lot. So I went a direction where it is more for the tinkering type (inside and out of the device) or if a module or some other equipment breaks then I can easily upgrade it with a new one instead of just tossing a hub away.

I have no idea what the future will bring, that's for sure...I never thought I would be doing this stuff 7 years ago, honestly! I do hope that the new 8GB of RAM home PC has 32GB of RAM and when I built it I hoped it was "future proof" but...oddly, I find myself wanting more sometimes....LOL! But...yeah....I am sure I had some very intense drivers that I made in Hubitat that didn't help my memory issues in the end...I always think "okay, now I can set it and forget it and let it do it's thing" but always thinking of a new idea and it becomes a continuous owning a home should be, I suppose!


When I was trying to decide which hub to buy, one of the things that subconsciously influenced me was this supportive community. I registered and asked questions before I had bought anything, and each question was answered politely, quickly and in a way that was easy to understand... and here I am about 2 years later loving my C7...and very happy with my decision.


The smartthings forum was very similar.

Great users, many of which ultimately migrated here.

The difference (in present times) being that the people sailing this ship are also active users.

Dedicated staff + users are an excellent combination. I'd say this is a rare find, for any product in general. These guys have nailed it.


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