Feature requests - HSM Additional Statuses - Water, Custom Monitoring

@bravenel - Couple of asks:

  1. On the HSM dashboard tile:
    a. Display statuses for all monitoring - e.g. Intrusion - Armed, Water - Armed, Custom - Disarmed

  2. Under the HSM Status dashboard tile pop-up:
    a. Add ability to Arm Water, Arm Custom
    b. Add visual/text indicators for Water, Custom monitoring statuses like what shows on the Apps page

It would totally be ok to have separate Water and/or Custom monitoring status tiles if that's easier.

  1. Create additional HSM Status report choices for Water and Custom monitoring. Even if 1 & 2 are tough/gonna take a minute, this would allow creation of virtual switches/rules that could be used to show the status of that monitoring.

Thank you for your consideration. I've had a couple major water leaks and am pretty punchy about that leak monitoring -> sirens, flashing lights, announcements, phone notifications, etc. Would love to be able to quickly visually verify armed status on my dashboard via phone app before heading out/going to bed.

Thank you for all your hard work. I've been on Hubitat about a year and you guys grind! Y'all make the system more usable/valuable every single day.

I am also of the opinion that the HSM dashboard tile pop-up is in need of revision. I actually "disabled" its use and have found better ways to work without it. My biggest issue with it, is being able to disable the water monitoring and custom monitoring from the pop-up. These are items I almost never want disabled, they are completely different than how you want to arm/disarm your home during the day when you are away/come home and during the night/morning. My other issue is the pop-up has a tiny little "x" that you need to hit to close it. I just use the tile for visual reference of arming and armed in regards to day and night security.

I "disabled" the pop-up by giving it a password that neither my wife or I remember. If for some reason I ever needed it, I could go into HE's webgui and remove/change it there. This ensures the popup never executes a command.

Simply by removing access to this popup there is no way that the custom/water monitoring rules can be disarmed short of going into HE's webgui, selecting HSM, and then disarming. This could never happen by mistake.

I choose to create a "Arm-Away", "Arm-Night", and "Disarm" virtual buttons to eliminate the need for the HSM pop-up. The "Disarm button" on the dashboard is password protected for obvious reasons, although it is rarely used, since the correct code entered on an outside door lock will disarm the alarm. Here is a screenshot of my dashboard: