Feature request: Water leak sensor support in Alexa skill

Now that 2.1.3 added contact and motion to the Alexa skill, we are able to make Alexa announcements in a straight-forward way. Now comes the desire to do same with water leak sensors.

I realize that this could be done completely within Hubitat with a few tricks, but it would be nice to have it be the same straight-forward way as contacts/motion.

I don't believe Alexa supports leak sensors yet. Alexa would have to support it first.

Good point. I guess that devices whose most important capability is binary could be presented to Alexa as a open/close contact, but I can understand not wanting to kludge things up with duct tape like that.

@ryan780, your reply was the one I was thinking of when I posted over on the "Alexa speak contact open" thread and said I thought I'd read something similar.

If I understand your reply, there isn't a way to have a Hubitat sensor of one type appear to Alexa as one of the types Alexa supports. Is that correct? I have set it up with a Virtual Contact switch that mirrors the actual sensor using a rule but was trying to simplify things.

Another way this could appear is on the definition of a Virtual [Contact] Switch to be able to specify a physical sensor/switch and a condition (Sue is present, temperature > 80, basement is wet). Internally that could be processed as an equivalent rule. I'm relatively new to HA so maybe I'm over/underthinking this.

No, that is not what I said. Your request was for a water link sensor to show up in Alexa. Your request was not to have the build in water leak sensors have the contact sensor capability added to them. There is nothing preventing you from using a virtual contact sensor tied to a water leak sensor. But I don't want native drivers with capabilities they don't actually support.

Actually, I wasn't the person with the water sensor but I guess my presence sensor ability is the same thing. I could make a case that a water sensor is in contact with water or a presence sensor is in contact with a person. As I said, I'm new enough that I may not understand the nuances of this but I thought the Amazon Echo Skill app or the virtual sensor definition could be extended as I outlined above. I'm just trying to exploit the Alexa feature in the simplest way.

The Amazon Alexa skill doesn't need any changes to use a virtual contact sensor with it. You would just have to set up such a sensor and a rule to manage it.

You mean like I wrote above, :wink: