Feature request: validate location on specific SSID

I see that the Android mobile app has a "Validate location on network change" advanced option. Would it be possible to also have a more specific "Validate location on specific SSID connection"? Something like:

"present" if connected to "home_ssid"
"away" if not connected to "home_ssid"

That would elegantly solve 100% of all my geolocation problems.

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This app basically does that. Its called iPhone presence but many use it with Android.

This app is basically polling a specific IP address every 15 seconds: not exactly the most elegant and efficient solution.
And besides, my hubitat and my phone are on different VLANs, so it wouldn't work anyway, without adding some kludgy firewall rules.

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I asked for the same thing a few days ago, but did not get any response.

I don't really want or need to download additional apps. The Hubitat app is already on my phone, and it should be trivial to add SSID location validation. I also believe that it would solve many people's issues with Geofencing.

To be clear the app I mentioned above is not for your phone but is a HE app installed on the HUB.


What the mobile app should also do is connect automatically to whichever hub is attached to the network the phone is connected to. Right now you have to manually switch the hub that is reference by the app, as far as I can see. Which really doesn't help much with multiple properties each with their own hub.

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I only have one hub so I'm not really sure how the app is handling multiple hubs.
But a simple SSID -> Mobile Device association would work:

if (SSID_XYZ is connected) then (set DEVICE_DNI to present)
if (SSID_XYZ is !connected) then (set DEVICE_DNI to away)

I use the same SSID name at both properties so I don't think I can use that approach. I also don't know how I'd set that up in the mobile app either anyway.

You could use BSSID (sort of like MAC for the access point). And the app experience could be an option to click, like 'mark as present when connected to current network'.


@Hubitat_Staff, any chance ↑↑this↑↑ will ever happen?

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I didn't even know such a thing existed. Cool. Yet another day where I learned something!

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