Feature Request: text edit mode for rule machine

I'm assuming you're storing this in some sort of JSON. This would be nice to have for sharing rules (even though device ID's won't match up), making copies with slight modifications, or just making quick modifications to complex rules that have a lot of sub-rules without having to undo a bunch of stuff first.

Looks like it's just done with a bunch of application variables/preferences--take a look at the gear icon for a complex rule sometime. That being said, the source is closed, so I guess we'll never really know. I think they've announced rule cloning as an upcoming feature. For the rest, I've mentioned a few times that I hope they some day overhaul the app UI to allow an easier way to create and modify rules, if not all apps (as I've also mentioned, the same limitations Hubitat inherited by mimicking ST's app language are likely the same ones that spurred WebCoRE vs. CoRE). I can dream. :slight_smile: They have done a good job the last couple updates in making the existing UI more usable, however, I think. I'm just not sure how far they can keep pushing these limits.

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