Feature Request: Notifications App Turn on Switch/Push a Button


Would it be an unreasonable request to add the ability to turn on a switch or push a button as part of the notifications app alert? I think it would a plus if someone wanted to use the switch/button to activate a secondary alert (light flash, siren chirp, etc) using RM.

LOL. Yes, that is an unreasonable request. Every app becomes RM over time.


You mean rich notifications and you want additional actions from the drop down of the push notifications from your phone, correct? I don't think Bruce understood your request. Or I didn't understand Bruce's answer.

I meant having an optional "device" switch or button that can be triggered when the notification is is sent. This device action could be used by RM to "enhance" the notification with another one like a light flash or a siren chirp without "bloating" the app itself.

Personally I've never been able to get RM to handle repeat notifications as well as the notification app does, but I like to have additional "visual" alerts under some circumstances (refrigerator door left open too long).

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