Feature Request: Nanoleaf - Set Effect Name


 I am submitting a feature request to add another section to the built in Nanoleaf driver.  Currently, there is an effect set number field.  It works well, but takes a lot of trial and error to get right. It also becomes unreliable as you change effects in the native app.

I have Nanoleafs:

Honestly, it hadn't become a problem for me until just now. It seems to be the crossover of scenes that are applicable across devices doesn't have a clear rhyme or reason to how they're numbered. I don't even have 46 effects in the app and I don't understand why the one I want is number 46).

Some of these devices share scenes from the native app and it's just an inefficient mess to keep clean when referencing them by number.

There's been a recent addition to the TP Link driver app that allows for the effect name to be entered. As long as you get the case sensitivity right, it works beautifully.

The set effect number, next effect, previous effect all have their applicable place but allowing the effect name on Nanoleaf would provide a cleaner/more future-proofed experience and downstream automations.

Theres a big difference in writing webcore to run effect number 46 when set effect: rainbow is much more concise.

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I too would like this, but I belive its down to how nanoleaf work and its a major driver rebuild to make it happen

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Given that the nanoleaf devices have a state called lightEffects which is a map of the effect number to the name, It probably wouldn't be too tricky for someone to write some app/device that could set the effect by name. Although it'd obviously be a lot easier to do it in the device itself.

It can probably be done already in WebCore - not sure about Rule Machine though.

But wouldn't that conversion break any time you change/add/delete scenes in the native app?

And that's the problem with the workaround, I've given up with the webcore workaround it just needs constant attention to keep two sets in sync

I gave this some more thought and this MUST be possible because Alexa can do it (calling nanoleaf scenes by name).

The problem with that is it doesn't help me get the scenes in webcore.

Hello, I must've missed this in the mobile app but I just located this in the device screen:

This information certainly takes some of the guesswork out of the above problems I was having. I think I'm going to do some cleanup and work with this new information......but I'd still like to just do this by effect name :wink:

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