[Feature request] Mode-manager

Could it be possible to add a priority to a mode?
Like i have mode manager running some mode changes during the day, and some modes are activated manually.

I have a mode for evening, and one for night.
Evening is changed manually, but also via mode manager at a certain time.
Night is only changed manually.

Sometimes, the night mode is activated before the certain time for evening, thus having the mode "fall back" to an earlier mode.
I know this could be done in Rule machine of sorts, but i think it could work better putting a priority on a mode.
If my night mode had a higher priority than evening. Then evening could not be activated even if the certain time came up.

It depends on how you end "night mode". If it is not by time, you could add night mode to the "Select modes to ignore time changes" in Mode Manager.


I do end night mode with a certain time in mode manager, so that solution is not viable here.
But thanks anyway.

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