Feature Request - make delay per mode cancelable as

Recently needed to change back and forth on 'Select Modes for Delay Per Mode' as cancelable - it could be helpful and save a lot of clicks in situations where the delay value is the same for all modes

In my case, toggling a single 'cancelable' switch turning cancelable on for all modes would save me 6 efforts. In the example, all my delays were 30 mins - a bit of work to go to each mode and set a value, then the cancelable switch.

If all your delays are the same, why are you varying on Mode? Just delay 30 minutes regardless of Mode.

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This is legacy - ie; I cloned the rule from another which required it. However, the feature request is still a decent thought - the cancelable button at the top that affects all modes on/off isn't dependent on what length of time per mode. If one of the modes were 10 mins and all others were 30 mins, I still need to click (and deal with the lost focus inherent in HE interface). Truth is that is more what this is about than anything. having to flip the button on 8 modes is a time waste.

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