Feature Request - Jump immediately to Dashboard if only one is available

Lots of discussion on ways to select a particular Dashboard using app or web, but it would certainly be nice to have the app and the web go directly to the Dashboard if there is only one available. This would eliminate extra selection required to select Dashboard and then select the only dashboard displayed. Maybe something for 2.4.0?

Setting one as default might work well, as I have like a "top" dashboard that leads to the others.

Are you suggesting the mobile app should open the dashboard when the app opens?

Apologies, all. I spoke incorrectly when referencing the mobile app (which I don't use all that often). It does indeed default to the only dashboard I have when opened if the Dashboard choice has been selected at the bottom.

As corrected, my request just relates to the web access which, as seen below, requires me to select Dashboard on the left panel and then select my (only) dashboard on the next panel to the right.


It would seem fairly straightforward for Hubitat to determine that there is only one dashboard available and immediately present it for view.

Sorry for the confusion.


Where would the + go to add a second dashboard?

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 12.59.51 PM

Good question. The line that it is on would certainly go away when the dashboard was presented. But, I would expect it to return if I re-selected the Dashboard choice on the leftmost pane, displaying my only dashboard on the pane to the right, as is currently the case.

Or maybe that could be managed inside the Hubitat Dashboard App through the Web UI?

Other than to answer (or just better understand) questions here, I've never clicked that menu option in a couple of years. It doesn't fit in at the same level of importance as everything else in that left menu. If I want to change a Dashboard, I use the Apps menu and click from there.

A way to auto exit the dashboard would also be great. Either by time or added to RM.

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