[Feature Request] "In Use By" Hub-Mesh Aware

I've been doing my bit recently, growing my HE hub collection, and have been slowly moving devices, rules and other apps around onto the hubs as I want them. I have noticed that the "In Use By" section of the Device Edit page only refers to apps on the local hub. It would be nice if the syncing of device states across the mesh also included any remote use of a device.

I understand that if you dip your tow into this it could quite quickly expand into a number of permutations of how this information could be presented. Personally I'd be open to a number of options, so can elaborate on a few if required.

Ultimately the purpose would be to provide a clearer picture of where devices are used before changing the setup. The In Use By serves an important purpose, but with the introduction of Hub Mesh that information is now distributed, it would be nice to centralise it back to the home hub for the device, where major changes are likely to be made.



Shame this hasn't gained more popularity, would have thought more people had come across this as an issue when expanding / modifying their setup, particularly as more people expand their number of hubs or devices ....

Perhaps we need to turn this in to a conversation on what info is available for devices involved in Hub Mesh...? So we can build the solution ourselves....

I guess I hadn't ever thought about it. But I don't use hub mesh much, so I suppose my answer would be different than if I used it extensively.

I do think there is some merit to the idea, but I have zero technological idea how this stuff works or if it is possible to incorporate.

Free bump to the top in any case...

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In case anyone else comes across this topic, this did make it in a small way into one of the recent releases, not 100% sure which one, just please to see it made it in, great work by the HE team!! I know I asked for more than this, and it would be nice to see it progress on to my original vision, but I am happy to see the reference to Hub Mesh at least as a reminder to resolve these references as well.

The reference to Hub Mesh is also a link to the Hub Mesh app where other configuration changes can be made.