[Feature Request] Get return value of Custom Functions

Driver programming and using it in Rule Machine...

I can create a custom command that returns a value; At least it compiles this:

def doThis(param) {
log.info param + param
return param + param

And when I create such a device I can click on the command "doThis" to execute it (as the log proves).

But how can I call such functions from Rule Machine and use the returned value?

"Run Custom Action" allows only to execute a driver command, without any chance to get the value; And "Set Variable" does not offer the use of Custom Actions...

@bravenel, do you have any idea to accomplish such mission?

Give your driver Actuator capability.

Thanx, done,

But I still cannot find any possibility to get the return value of this drivers' function... :thinking:

Define an attribute. Dominic Meglio’s (@dman2306) port of the Litter-Robot driver shows a good example.


Thanx again, but in Dominic Meglio’s example there are no functions defined:
None of his Attributes uses parameters (IMHO according to the specification it's not allowed), and also none of his Commands. :thinking:

If you think about using an Attribut to only return the value of a previous called Custom Action: That would not be reliable, because of the concurrent executions of such methods. :cry:

AFAIK, that’s the only mechanism I have seen.

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Nevertheless, thank you very much for your help! :+1:

I adjusted the subject to an feature request...

Will you describe a use-case for this functionality? It may be possible to find a workaround, but it would help to understand why you are asking for this functionality.

I am currently working on utility devices, which among other things allow (almost) any calculations.
But of course the usecases for such a feature would be endless...

Thinking of ideas to work around the limitations:

Could you pass a caller-specified UID as a parameter to the command and then update an attribute with the response, embedding the UID and the result in a way that could be tokenized by this feature for further interpretation?

It would require a pair of RM rules to send the command and observe a change on the attribute for each response.

Thanx a lot for all your ideas. In fact there are some (but quite cumbersome) possibilities.

That's exactly what I want to reduce! :wink:

The attribute is where the value is stored in the driver. This is the result of a sendEvent. A command is where the math is done, and those take parameters. So, RM calls a Custom Action for the device, passing the value as a parameter. The command method does the math and puts the result in the attribute using sendEvent. RM can Wait for Conditions with a Custom Attribute changed, thus getting the result back in %value%.

But that would not be reliable, because of the concurrent executions of such methods.

E.g.: Rule1 as calling this device with param1, in the same time is Rule2 calling this device with param2. Who gets result1, and who result2?

A concurrent function should never change the state of an object!

LOL. Can't help you when you want to do things outside the design envelope.

Therefor it's called a "Feature Request". :wink:

Something like
Set xVar to yAction(1+2*3) on zDevice
would be enough.

There is no way to do that. Device commands don't return values....

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