Feature request: Generic Z-Wave Lock battery updates

I have a Kwikset 914 lock that does not report battery level. Had the same issue on ST after changing the battery several months ago. Found a thread on ST about this, one person added a few lines of code to ask for battery level when doing a refresh and seems like it was successful. How do I get the code for the stock driver so I can try adding these lines?

Here's the ST post...

We don’t have access to the code for ‘stock’ drivers or apps
Hubitat is not ‘open source’

You could try posting a feature request to see if @mike.maxwell will add the code to the inbuilt driver for you. (If it is feasible)



I have 4 910's and 1 914 that never report battery level. I second that request!

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Moved to Feature Request, thanks.

I did a quick sloppy copy of ST's Z-Wave Lock DTH over to HE and added one line to the refresh function. Now have battery level on my lock. There's some other things that I'm sure are not right since I'm copying code from another platform but this appears to correct the issue with battery level missing.


Here's the new line:

Any chance of getting this line (or similar) added to the stock driver? I had to stop using the copy I made from ST, it was not sending lock codes correctly.

I can add battery report to refresh, not sure why it's not there already.

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You know you can encrypt/decrypt lock codes right?,

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I did not know that....

I have several Yale B1L Z-Wave deadbolts, and none of them are showing battery level.

I see this is an older thread; has this been resolved ( and I missed it) ?

I see now that 3 of the 4 deadbolts are reporting 100%, the remaining reporting 0%. Only 1 of the 3 deadbolts had brand new batteries installed.

I don't see a pattern, but will watch it.