Feature request: Ecobee thermostat also as a sensor

TL/DR: Also provide an Ecobee Sensor device for the actual temperature reading at the thermostat

The Ecobee thermostat API provides two temperature readings for the thermostat:

  1. the averaged value (as measured over all the active temperature sensors for the current comfort setting); this is displayed on the thermostat and the value the Ecobee integration currently uses
  2. the actual temperature value measured at the thermostat; this is displayed on the thermostat and on the Ecobee app under the list of temperature sensors

The community integration Ecobee Suite Manager has a setting to include the 2nd value as a separate Ecobee sensor device:


The built-in integration doesn't show this value at all. But it's available in the API. I'm just asking that the built-in integration also add this value as a temperature sensor device.


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This extra temperature reading is actually the only reason I use the Ecobee Suite Manager on one of my hubs. If the built-in integration included it, I would just swap over to it.

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