Feature Request - Device Page - Tool Tips for Detailed Info on Commands and Preferences

I think I have a request that will help the user experience a bit and also simplify the device page visually for many device drivers. I have many device drivers that have a lot of command or preference options (Think Zooz and Inovelli). I love the fact that the drivers can have a brief description for the settings for more detail but I think that it creates a truncated version of what the settings are and it makes the page too long and requires scrolling down through a myriad of settings and command buttons. With that in mind, I would love to see the following available.

  • Tool Tips for Commands so the device driver author can easily explain the function of the button/command.

  • Tool Tips for Preferences so the device driver author can easily explain the function of the setting/preference. This really would allow for the full detailed explaination of the setting.

  • Require the parameter number to be listed for Preferences so users can refer to the setting and research the original documentation for more detail if needed. It gets confusing when a driver is written and the option is there and you aren't sure if it's custom code or a parameter setting that it will manipulate or execute. This would also help validate whether drivers are complete as compared to the parameter listed on the manufacturer documentation.

  • Allow hyperlinks for the device manufacturer for support in each driver to allow for better self help.

  • Anything anyone else can think of.



I like this idea a lot.


that sounds pretty awesome.

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Wondering if @bcopeland and @mike.maxwell would take advantage of this too with the device drivers if it existed?

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Sounds really useful. :+1:t3:

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Yeah, I feel like I have to dig through a drivers code sometimes to figure out what an option does.

Or I have to come to the community and ask or spend to much time experimenting.

+1 on this being something. I also like the idea of having a Notes section like RM

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