Feature request - Add custom modes in HSM

I would like to be able to add my own alarm modes directly within HSM

For example, for my normal 'Away' mode I have front, connecting, back and garage doors armed and monitored. Occasionally, I would like to arm everything except the garage door (say, to allow a parcel delivery) or the connecting door (to allow my pets to wander). So ideally I would like two additional modes such as 'Armed Except Garage' or 'Armed Except Inner door'.

It has been suggested that I can simulate this by use of a combination of custom modes in Mode Manager and virtual switches, but that seems over-complicated when there could just be an 'Add custom mode' button within HSM itself?

Likely since everything in HSM can be done in Rule Machine, they may not do it. HSM is meant to be pretty basic.

Thanks for rapid reply. This is what I suspected. Alas, I've no idea how to start implementing this through rule machine :frowning:

One approach would be to create virtual contact switches that represent the garage door real contact switch and the real pet door. Use the virtual contact switches in HSM but use rule machine (or maybe even a basic rule) to open and close the virtual contacts based on the physical contacts plus some logic to determine whether it responds or not, depending on whether you want it in "except garage" or "except inner door" mode.

I do something similar with the room lighting app and outdoor security lights. Sometimes I want the outdoor lights triggered by motion, sometimes I want them triggered by a person, and sometimes both or neither. I use virtual switches to trigger room lighting and then a bunch of RM rules to decide what actually turns on or off the virtual triggers.

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