Feature Req - All Capable Devices - Monitor Temp Threshold(s)

Added an Iris iL07_1 Motion (Temp & Humidity) yesterday. Now looking at App usage & monitoring of it.

Of course I have a Custom Rule in HSM to monitor battery levels of all devices (which come to think of it nobody should have to remember to create...it should be apart of the environment). So I go in there and notice, gasp...there are other devices I have added to the environment that I forgot to add to this monitoring.

Then I notice the switch to turn this on for All Devices right above the selectable list. Duh, how'd I miss that on day #1 of configuring HE ? Good option, but again.... I'm now thinking that this monitoring ought to be a default config of HE, be that In HSM or some separate HE Environment Monitoring Default. Nobody should have to set this up.

Moving on, I go to my HSM Custom Rule for Temperature Monitoring where I want to know when any and all Temp capable devices in my system exceed 130F (which in my deployment of sensors would mean something is terribly wrong).

Well, sure enough there were new devices I had forgotten to add to this rule since I first set it up....but unlike in the battery case above, there was no All (Temp Reporting) Devices switch.

So now spoiled by that option in the case of batteries I'm thinking...hey this would facilitate home SAFETY monitoring given all the temp reporting devices that are meshing the environment. It's a natural addition to fire + smoke sensors.

Thanks in advance for the likes, or newbee berading, I'm about to get on this :grimacing:

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