Favorite ZigBee Lock

Looking to get some new locks and trying to get some feedback on which have worked well. Please post model numbers. Price doesn't matter... Looking for the best. Good battery life is a major plus. None will be in direct sunlight either.

I have the keyless Yale Assure SL (zigbee deadbolt) on my front door, and the keyless Yale Assure Lever on my back door. For the lever lock, I had to buy the standalone version and a separate zigbee module.

Both put together (including the module) was about $350 .....

Edit - no complaints. They've never dropped off. And after 10-11 months, battery is at ~95%.


I'm sticking with my Kwikset 914s. I like them, they work, and one of my prime requirements - no touchscreens. I hate touchscreens on locks.

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Both of my Yale Locks are Z-Wave and I've moved them around, hub to hub about 5 times in the past 3 months. (I have had 3 Hubitat Hubs, interconnected via HubConnect for years. Recently I decided I wanted to I keep refining my architectural choices by adding a 4th to the mix.) In other words, they work well on ZWave too.

One is a Lever Lock that does sit in direct sun, most of the day. Battery life is great.


I'm probably 1/3 zigbee 2/3 zwave. Trying to keep the two radios fairly balanced so the load is split between them which is why I am leaning towards zigbee at the moment.

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Installed Zigbee Kwikset 912 lever lock last Fall; it has had no issues and hasn't been touched since. Battery low indicator has been flashing for a month now but still reports 30% and is still working perfectly. Will be one year since batteries installed last Oct. 15th.

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We've got two of the Kwikset 916 SmartCode ZigBee Touchscreen Lock that are working perfectly for us. Both installed in July, both currently reading 80% battery.

Kwikset zwave suck. I just converted a 910 912 and 914 to zigbee by swapping cards they are working flawlessly now.

Went ahead and ordered 4 of the yale assure sl's

No physical key bothers me...I don't like not having a purely physical way to unlock if the magical elf stuff fails.

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Well if four locks all fail for some reason, I still have the garage door and a keyed entryway there.


Yeah, it's more of a "belts and suspenders" mentality that I find hard to escape. :wink:

Ya I like having key and same key between multiple houses. Locks did fail.due to covid we were a month and a half late getting to the up of Mich and batteries hadn't been changed for 9 months.

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