Favorite Motion Sensor?

For a garage an indoor sensor is fine. The outdoor one is mostly because of rain...

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I went with the Hue Outdoor sensor just because of the added coverage angles and sensitivities. Works great! For indoors, I love the Hue indoor sensor, but they are pricey. A few weeks ago I went to Target cause it showed they had 1 in stock for $39.99. When I got there, it was showing up as closeout and rang up as $11! I checked all the other Targets around me and couldn't find anymore, so YMMV, but WOW, what a deal!


They seem to come and go on the Costco website. Not sure if it is supply chain related or what.

Thats an awesome deal. I just checked BrickSeek and couldn't find one near me, family, etc :frowning:
Here is a URL to check inventory for those that wish to look:

Awesome, but the indoor one was the one I found for $11 on closeout. Here is the link for the indoor one. https://brickseek.com/target-inventory-checker/?sku=085-02-1223

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I also ise an Aeotech MS7 which is powered via USB. It is great in that it never drops off while powered, however, they are not the fastest sensors out there.

I would love to find a powered Zigbee motion sensor.

In my garage I use an Aeotech Multisensor 7 under power. It works very well and handles the cold temps as well (we are in Montreal and our garage will drop below 0)

Plus they use AA/AAA batteries depending on indoor or outdoor. Way cheaper than the 2450s found in most sensors these days.

How do you get them working in HE?

I have both the xiaomi and aqara versions. Require no babysitting other than battery changes once I had my mesh sorted out. Some of them in lower traffic areas have not even had a battery change yet. Also have Sonoff ones but these go through batteries faster (like about 9 months).

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Natively. Supported devices, though tougher to come by lately.

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The Aeotec Tri-Sensor is insanely fast and very configurable, definitely a winner in my book.

Oh and the battery life on good a quality CR123A cell is excellent (eg Panasonic).

I have a Zooz ZSE18 in my garage. It has been there for close to 4 years between two houses. No problems. I have it mounted atbthe ceiling and aimed at the door from the house, works fine. It is currently part of a zone motion controller with a Bosch zigbee sensor that is about to be replaced by a ring gen2 motion sensor.

I found a 2 pack of the hue outdoor motion sensors on Costco's website yesterday for $79.99.

The Costco price is a slight savings. They used to be $40 each, but with inflation, they are now selling for $45 each. Thus, the Costco two pack saves you about $10.

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With Konnected, these are awesome, faultless and pay for themselves indirectly

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Yup. Had mine for years.

Those fibaro look mighty expensive! At least in Canada...

They are pricy, even in the US. If you build a solid zigbee mesh with multiple repeaters, I'd recommend Third Reality and Linkind motion sensors.



They both work well with Hubitat.

I have two very stable responsive zigbee meshes - one with ~40 devices and the other with 86. I have about 1 repeater for every 4-5 end-devices in both meshes.

What's your solution for repeaters? I'm still waiting for my Hubitat to arrive, so very very early stages. I did order one third reality sensor so far, will try it out before picking up more.

My THINKING was that many of my in-wall things (switches/outlets) would be z-wave, whereas any mobile item - like motion + door sensors, etc... would be zigbee. So in theory my z-wave network would be full but not as sure about zigbee? I'm in a 3-story townhome, hubitat will live on the main floor...

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I'm in a two-storey townhome with lots of USB outlets. So my favored indoor repeater are these dedicated TuYa USB zigbee 3.0 repeaters. They are relatively inexpensive (about $12 each) and inconspicuous. They work very well as repeaters. They will pair to Hubitat as a "device", and that's ok - because their sole function is as repeaters.



While they may not be as effective (or discreet) as the ones @aaiyar linked to, there's also the IKEA Tradffri mesh helpers, which may be easier for you to acquire, depending on where you live.

Plug/Repeater $15.00

Repeater $10.00 (not listed online ATM, discontinued?)
You might find stock in-store...

Just don't go nuts and buy a bunch of their other ZigBee devices, lots of them aren't compatible with Hubitat.

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