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Thanks for the great info, sorry I'm so slow to get back to this.
I'll pick up a Hubitat and get working on my workflows:)

This looks really promising. Can you now say that the auto-unlock feature is more reliable? Also if I have good reach into the driveway with my WiFi signal do you think I can skip the first 'virtual switch'?

Hmmm, I guess my Eero setup doesn't support IFTTT which stinks! Maybe they'll add it or maybe there's some work-around to trigger Hubitat behavior.

Definitely more consistent. YMMV. I suppose one could take out the geolocation step, but I wanted there to be a safeguard against accidental triggering, for any reason. If any of our phones lost WiFi and joined again, having only that as a trigger would unlock our door. So I don't think it's a good idea. With the additional Geolocation requirement, you must first leave the geofenced area and re-enter before it is enabled, then and only then when the phone joins WiFi, will the second switch enable allow the rule to continue and unlock the door.

Unfortunately no. You should put a bug in their ear, add to these voices. Only supported by Google WiFi, TP-Link, ASUS and Almond at this time, as far as I'm aware

Yes I just added to that exact topic yesterday! (flylow1970)
Your points on geolocation are good, probably worth doing even for any time you might lose wifi in the back yard and the front door unlocks when you come back in.

I’m going follow on from the last question, since I’m not sure where to ask this. I have not yet purchased, but am seriously considering buying. I have reviewed the main website and have attempted looking here on the forum, but haven’t yet found a complete answer in one place to the question of remote access. This may be my own shortcomings, but I need to know clearly what I am getting into. I am currently on Vera.

So here it is...can I control and monitor my home remotely? Can I see if my door is locked and lock/unlock if needed? Can I turn lights one and off? If so, do I need a VPN set up? I see a reference to “dashboard” but there is no video I can find(“coming soon”).

I have other questions also, but this is the one hurdle that I absolutely must get through.

Yes, you can remotely control your home via the Dashboard feature, without a VPN.


Thank you so much ogiewon. A quick look at that thread and it is amazing.


Hubitat is segregating the USE of the hub, it's automations and it's devices from Designing them.

In other words, Adding yet another device; Creating a new Rule, even editing a Rule; and all the rest of what might be called Admin.. is NOT intended to be remotely accessed. A VPN would be the expected workaround.

I feel that this is entirely correct. I have always hated trying to explain to my wife and family, "oh, ignore that, if you mess with that, you'll break things." I have always wished that the hubs I previously used had two Apps, one for users, one for Me.

On the other hand, as is shown in the various Dashboard snapshots, using what's been built is readily available. Wonder if you left the Garage Door open? Use the cloud enabled Dashboard and find out. Then CLOSE it if you found you forgot. Getting home late and need to turn a light on? Dashboard is your answer.

Better yet, write an automation that tells you if you've left the garage door open. I have one of those, if both my wife and I leave and one of the garage doors is open, I get a notification. Then I can pull up my handy Garage Door dashboard, and close it.

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I'm curious about this notion of getting a notification that the door is open and then pulling up a control to remotely close it. Seems all the remote garage door systems like Chamberlain, Garageio, etc. all work this way. Since I have never had an automatic garage door tied to automation, I assume there's an important point I'm missing. Why not just automate the door to close by itself if you forget and drive away, then send you a notification that it was done for your by the hub?

Closing a garage or locking a door based on presence departure usually isn't workable due to the presence timeouts involved.
Most prefer to have these secured prior to leaving the property.
Presence devices won't give you this trigger until you are well out of visual and auditory range.

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This could be done, in fact I do that for the Garage Lock you can see in my dashboard above. If we both leave and it's unlocked, it gets locked and I get a message about it.

The reason for us to not automatically close the garage door comes from us having a cleaning person, or some other worker at the house, and them having the door open on purpose when we leave. If it were automated, I'd have to do something to stop it from closing, or re-open it. It's rare that we leave a garage door open by mistake, less frequent than the other situation. So, this is how I chose to deal with it.

As @JDRoberts would say, choice is good. That's the whole point of setting up automations, to automate things in such way has to elevate your environment -- your way.


Being curious...you have momentary switches for doors. Do those shut the doors and if so, what is the device that does that?

Currently I'm using a Lutron RadioRA2 device called a VCRX to control my garage doors. The reason for this has to do with its radio range -- much higher than conventional garage door receivers. This device has momentary outputs (closures) connected to the garage door openers.

I have also used the Linear GoControl garage door controller, and Evolve LFM-20, both Z-Wave devices. The LFM-20 is a relay that can be used as a momentary closure with a special driver.

These are "old" garage door openers, normally operated by a momentary button from the inside, and by RF control with rolling codes.


So that you don't kill somebody. :dizzy_face:

Seriously, garage doors can and do kill or seriously injure some people every year, although many fewer than they used to precisely because of safety standards like this one.

There are all kinds of reasons why someone might be in danger from the door without activating the door's own beam detection.

Both dogs and little kids tend to hesitate right at the threshold where the door comes down, probably because of the change in lighting. Either one could be on the ground at a level where they won't block the beam and either one might not be aware that they had to move out of the way once the door began moving.

There's also a very common issue, which has actually happened to a couple of people on some of the other home automation forums, where someone parks the car so that the trunk is in the pathway of the door but the beam has not actually been broken. This might be because they are unpacking packages from the back of the car or loading up suitcases for a trip.

The garage door may come down and hit the open trunk, forcing it down even as the garage door itself retracts because of the impact.

Other issues as were already mentioned include someone staying at the house who is doing painting or yardwork and wants the garage door to stay open for awhile.

Anyway, anything which automates the garage door without requiring a visual check by a human introduces these kinds of issues, which is why many people, particularly those with young kids in the neighborhood or escape artist pets, will tend to not automate closing of a garage door when there was no human verification that the path was clear. And why the big garage door companies, who know more about these issues than anybody else, generally don't automate door closing without human verification.


Actually, latest Chamberlain WiFi garage door opener has automatic door closing function if left open for a user selectable amount of time.

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Thanks for the update. They originally offered this, then disabled it for a couple of years, and then, as you note, re-enabled it, but with several safety features.

  1. Per UL 325, the lights will flash and the alert will beep prior to the close

  2. the "timer to close" feature is now limited to a maximum of 5 minutes.

  3. the timer can be disabled either on the wall Control or the app.

  4. the Door sensors will also disable the timer if they are triggered.

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I too am in the process of doing my homework on what system to go with and am all but sold on HE!! Is this still the case with cameras? At least is it possible to somehow be able to view them from the dashboard as I think Im going to re-purpose some old ipads or android tablets in key spots around the house for the family to control. Maybe have a tile or window (is this possible or the right term?) that has constant feed or shows feed if detects motion? If this can be done, any recommendations on cameras to use?
thanks in advance

Saw an ask about the ports (IR, HDMI, etc.) on the hub earlier in this thread. I get that some may not be enabled, but what about the audio jack? Could one plug-in a self-powered speaker to that (2.5mm or 3.5mm jack) and instantly have the speaker available (as a virtual speaker device in Hubitat)? I have an old iHome powered speaker (iW2) which can be hooked up via Wifi, ethernet, and standard jack. It is "dead" from a support perspective - the app is no longer available to reconfigure it to work with AirPlay, etc.

New to Hubitat and the forum and did my best to search on audio jack, etc. I figured this was too simple and I had to ask why it won't work.

No, none of these ports are available. They are going away on the next hardware rev.