Fans (not lighting)

i feel fans always fall into the lighting category.

I have a fan that just has 2 wires. power to the switch then a single wire to the fan. No neutral in the box.

Right now i have a zen71/72/76 at my house and a few Luntron Diva Dimmers.

What is the best to use with this? is it the diva dimmers?

I understand you should NOT use a dimmer for fans.
I have not used these, but I have seen them. They report not requiring a "neutral wire". I have several Zoos switches and dimmers, as I recall, they do require a neutral wire. Here is another Just found. Both of these are on Amazon. The MoesGo is WiFi, this second one is Zigbee.

While I cannot vouch for either, it does appear to be an option.
(just because it says "Light switch" doesn't mean you can't use it for a fan *** provided the switch has sufficient load rating for the motor***) I'm not an electrician.
Thank you ogiewon for this important point.

Dimmers cannot be used to control inductive motor loads, like ceiling fans. One must use either a purpose built fan controller, like the Lutron Caseta Fan Controller, or a true smart switch (non-dimmer) that is rated for electrical motor loads.

Unfortunately, most of these require a neutral wire.

If your fan does have a wireless remote control, you may want to consider using a Bond hub to control it.


Great suggestion...

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Actually, one should never use a switch or dimmer for a fan (inductive motor load) unless the device specifically states it is compatible with a motor load. :wink:


More great points... Thank you.

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i think i wsa assuming since the zen71 works with a fan then the lutrons would also. thanks everyone glad i asked. ill look at some of the suggestions

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I have good success with Zoos products. I have not used Lutrons, but many here are fans (ha, get it!) (quit accidental I assure you). By that, I mean have great success with Lutron products. It was a great recommendation to check the rating of the switch before installing. Safety first my friend. There may be others to offer more suggestions. Give your post a little time to take root.

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Inovelli will be coming out with a Zigbee fan switch soon. It is available for pre-order from their site or their Canadian reseller.


They really do seem to design things the way people would want to deploy and use them in their home (features, color, etc.). BUT...I'm not seeing UL Approval; I guess that is too much of a hassle/cost for a fast moving/small outfit like theirs? For a switch with variable speed (voltage) control for fan motor I'd think there would be a lot of customer comfort gained in having that labeling.

EDIT/CORRECTION: It seems they DO go for UL APPROVALS so nevermind !

They do go through an approval process - I think it is UL before going live. The Fan switch will go through the same certification process as the Blue 2-1 series.

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that blue series fan switch looks interesting. how often do they come out when they say they will

Holy crap. The inovelli blue fan switches are $75 US. Nothing like taking advantage.

Edit: well at least Aartech Canada has them for $100 CDN.

I am just used to home tech solution’s huge markup on zooz stuff.

Another option is to put a zigbee fan controller in the canopy and then use button controller of your choice.

They're not really available currently but I have a couple bond wifi units that go in the canopy, then I use button controller/rule machine with some pico remotes to control them.

I've been meaning to buy a spare soon as they become available again.

Another option may be the sonoff fan controller, but know you'll need to do some soldering to change the caps in them to get proper speeds with 110v fans.

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You can get them, scroll down till you see my instructions on getting them.

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Cool. Is that the same as the king of fans one that was available some time ago? I had one of those but had so many issues with it dropping off the network. That's when I switched to the hampton bay ones.

If these are good I might grab one just to have a spare.

It's hampton bay but fulfilled by king of fans. Just make sure you have a repeater nearby. I have had 0 issues with mine.

I thought about this. I have no easy way to get to the canopy. It’s an existing fan from when I moved in and it’s a vaulted ceiling.

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FYI I use Enbrighten Zigbee wall switches for fans and on/off lights in my home. My ceiling fans run well. Specs say the switch is good for up to 1/2 HP motor loads. More than enough for my needs.

A neutral wire is required.

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